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We’re Expecting!
The First Trimester
Baby Zottola Is A…
Baby Zottola’s Nursery So Far
Baby Zottola’s Nursery
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Pregnancy: The Third Trimester
Showered With Love

Birth + Baby
She’s Here!
Sadie’s Birth Story (Part I)
Sadie’s Birth Story (Part II)
Our 0-3 Month Baby Essentials (Plus what Sadie didn’t like)
Sadie at Five Months
Sadie at Six Months
Sadie at Seven Months
Sadie at Eight Months

Motherhood + Family
The Early Days
A Month
Six Weeks As A Mom
Our First Thanksgiving As A Family
Our First Christmas As A Family
Our Christmas Vlog
14 Weeks As A Mom
First Family Vacation Part I
First Family Vacation Part II
Living the Cousin Life
Highs and Lows in Parenting