Baby + Motherhood

This page is a collection of posts about pregnancy, birth, motherhood, family life, and more! Looking for some great books on these topics? Check out this page!

We’re Expecting!
The First Trimester
Baby Zottola Is A…
Baby Zottola’s Nursery So Far
Baby Zottola’s Nursery
A Pregnancy Update
Pregnancy: The Third Trimester
Showered With Love

Birth + Baby
She’s Here!
Sadie’s Birth Story (Part I)
Sadie’s Birth Story (Part II)
Our 0-3 Month Baby Essentials (Plus what Sadie didn’t like)
Sadie at Five Months
Sadie at Six Months
Sadie at Seven Months
Sadie at Eight Months
Sadie at Nine Months
Sadie at Ten Months
Sadie at 11 Months
Sadie’s First Bee Day Party
Sadie at 15 Months

Toddler Life
Sadie at 18 Months
Sadie at Two Years Old
Sadie’s Second Birthday Party
Making the Switch from a Crib to Toddler Bed
Sadie at 2.5 Years Old

Sadie at Three Years Old

The Early Days
A Month
Six Weeks As A Mom
14 Weeks As A Mom
Highs and Lows in Parenting
In All Circumstances
On Nursing and Weaning

What My Child and Pets Have Taught Me About Life

Our First Thanksgiving As A Family
Our First Christmas As A Family
Our Christmas Vlog
First Family Vacation Part I
First Family Vacation Part II
Living the Cousin Life
Our Thanksgiving 2019
Our Christmas 2019
Mother’s Day 2020
First Family Camping Trip
Thanksgiving 2020
Christmas 2020