A Month

Somehow a month has passed since Sadie was born. It was one of the fastest, hardest, and best months of my life.

We’ve had so many firsts that I never want to forget.

First bath, first family walk, first diaper blowout (I guess I could forget that one!), first date night for mom and dad, first time at church.

First reflex smile, my first day on my own with Sadie, first mom brain moment, and probably a few others I’m forgetting!

What a month of learning and loving.

Learning that our life is forever changed and absolutely loving that change, even in the hard moments. Or after reflecting on the hard moments 😉

A month of realizing that Jimmy and I are a team. A month of laughter and less sleep. A month of cuddles and rocking and discovering what Sadie likes and doesn’t like.

A month of diaper changes, tiny socks, swaddle blankets, cute outfits, learning to do things with one hand, and figuring out how baby gear works.

A month of lots of laundry, dirty floors, and eating dinner on the couch. A month of staring at Sadie’s every feature and soaking her in as she grows and changes every day.

A month of tears of sadness from not knowing what we’re doing and tears of joy over the blessing of our little one and new life as a family.

A month of support and help from loved ones and friends. A month of new priorities and joys.

A month of prayers of praise and thanks and asking for guidance. It has been such a blessed month. God has been so very good to us.

I can’t wait to see what Sadie’s second month of life brings!



  1. SOOOO SWEET! I’m so glad you’re blogging your memories! She will love that when she’s older.
    Love you Beautiful MAMA

    1. Thank you so much, mom! I’m glad I’m blogging all these sweet memories, too! I hope Sadie can look back and enjoy reading about how much we loved these early days (and every day!) with her! Love you! ❤

  2. Oh my, Allie! This post. TEARS! You are taking me back to our first month with our girl. There are so many precious firsts and I love that you guys are getting to live them right now. All of these pictures are so precious, I can’t pick a favorite. The family photo on the way to church – oh my heart! And the one of her sleeping in her car seat, so precious! And her looking at Jimmy! Okay okay, I just love this whole post. Happy first month with your precious Sadie!

    1. That first month is just SO special! All the highs and lows are just amplified and there’s a new precious little human… that is somehow ours… that God blessed us with. The magnitude of that is just unreal and crazy beautiful!

  3. so beautiful, so beautifully written ❤ You two are doing amazing. Sadie is just the cutest little baby in the world. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey, Allie ❤

  4. Aww a full month already!! Such a beautiful and loving post, Allie. I love the picture of your little family for your first time at church. So sweet! ❤

    1. That month went by sooo fast! It was so amazing, though! That church picture is one of my favorites! I want to take another each year around her birthday in the same spot!

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