Amish Life Books

Below are books about Amish life that I’ve read and enjoyed. The links are affiliate links!

Called to Be Amish: My Journey from Head Majorette to Old Order by Marlene C. Miller
A Midwife in Amish Country: Celebrating God’s Gift of Life by Kim Woodard Osterholzer
A Midwife’s Story: Life, Love, and Birth Among the Amish by Penny Armstrong
Simple Pleasures: Stories from My Life as an Amish Mother by Marianne Jantzi
Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth
Almost Amish: A Novel by Kathryn Cushman
My Life as An Amish Wife by Lena Yoder
Growing Up Amish: A Memoir by Ira Wagler
Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen
Anything but Simple: My Life as a Mennonite by Lucinda J. Miller
The Preacher’s Daughter by Beverly Lewis
The Englisher by Beverly Lewis
Allison’s Journey by Wanda Brunstetter
The Brethren by Beverly Lewis
Hutterite Diaries by Linda Maendel
Runaway Amish Girl by Emma Gingerich
Dear to Me by Wanda Brunstetter

The Englisch Daughter by Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall