Thoughts and Snapshots

Hello hello! Sharing some thoughts and snapshots on this beautiful day.

Sisters with baby girl daughters

Have you ever purchased something and instantly thought why didn’t I discover this sooner? I did that twice recently. We have this little issue with mold in the grout of our shower (just keepin’ it real, as always!) and I’ve tried and tried to get rid of it. I was skeptical of the reviews for this gel, but gave it a try and it worked. Like instantly. Yay!

Life changing product #2: Our energetic little Mavis girl adores playing fetch. After a few rounds of throwing her ball, our hands would get so slimy… until I discovered this. No more slimy hands and I can throw the ball so much further!

Cocker spaniel with chuck it toy for fetch

Can nut butter be life changing? Maybe? This stuff is amazing. I’m pretty sure I went through the jar in less than a week.

More thoughts
-Sadie’s initial early intervention evaluation (for swallowing concerns) is tomorrow. We saw some progress over the weekend; she swallowed a piece of sweet potato!
-Our garden is a jungle. The cucumbers and zucchini are growing like crazy! I think I need to make a few batches of refrigerator pickles.
-We are just loving summer with Sadie. We’ve been swimming, playing outside, and making little trips to pet stores and libraries.
-Jimmy and I have been watching the new season of Battle Bots on Discovery Channel every Friday night and we’re so into it.
-I baked nine grain dinner rolls over the weekend and loved every second of it. Baking is the best.
-Just finished this book, am currently reading this one, and this one is on deck next!

More snapshots

Family swimming with baby girl

Nine grain dinner rolls

Zucchini and jalapeno from vegetable garden

Baby girl doing puzzle at library

What would a few snapshots of your life right now look like?


Sadie at Nine Months

Baby girl nine months old laying in crib and smiling with headband and diaper rash cream

Growth At her nine month checkup, Sadie was 16 pounds and 14 ounces. She’s now 27 inches tall!

Wearing Six and nine month clothes and size four diapers.

Personality Happy, silly, and occasionally shy! She likes to meet new people, but sometimes she smiles at them and then burrows her face into my shoulder when I’m holding her.

Family with baby girl putting toes in her mouth

Eating I mentioned in a recent post that Sadie doesn’t seem to be swallowing solid food. She does okay with things like yogurt and purees, but spits out anything else if it doesn’t dissolve or isn’t a puree. Jimmy and I thought maybe she needed to keep practicing, but she’s been practicing for a few months and her pediatrician said she should be past purees at this age.

We talked to our state’s early intervention service and we’re going to have her evaluated for any developmental issues with feeding. I’m trying not to worry and trust God that everything is just fine. I’m hoping Jimmy and I are just being worried first-time parents and that early intervention will say Sadie is doing great. I know if there are any issues we will work on correcting them, so I’m reminding myself all will be okay! This parent life is full of questions and concerns and really forces me to surrender this journey to God.

Nicknames Sader Tot, Tot, Totling, Todd, Tottle Berry, Mini Jimmy, and a new one–Peekie. We were playing peek-a-boo and shortened the word to Peekie and started saying it all the time. It’s kind of like Aloha… we use it to say things like hello, announce our presence, and also call Sadie it, lol. She is probably confused 😉

Sleeping Sadie sometimes sleeps through the night, which is lovely! We try to put her to bed around 7:00 pm and she generally wakes up at 5:00 am to eat and then goes back down until 6:00 or 7:30 am. Every day is different and sometimes teething causes her to wake up more in the night. That’s when I just climb into her crib with her because I’m too tired to get her out and rock her, lol.

Baby girl sleeping

Looks Like Her dad mostly and maybe me a little!

New Skills Sadie now stands up by herself! We’ve started giving her baths in our bathtub instead of the sink because she decided she likes to stand up while we give her a bath, which pretty much gives me a heart attack since she’s so slippery and the bathroom sink is a few feet off the ground! She also went #2 on the potty this month, babbles mama, and makes a specific sound with her voice when she’s being silly. She has also mastered crawling super fast… help!

Likes Swimming in our neighbor’s pool, greeting Jimmy when he comes home from work, trying to climb on things, crawling, being in the baby carrier while I vacuum, my parents’ cat, getting a bath, being in the garden, crawling after the vacuum, being held by mom or dad, watching other kids, being outside, playing fetch with Mavis, baby gates, phones, Baby Einstein videos, our pets’ water dishes, standing, going on walks in her baby carrier, measuring cups, banging toys together, having us blow raspberries on her belly and legs, and our pets.

Baby girl sitting in pink swimming pool

Dislikes Me leaving her or not holding her, having her diaper changed, being laid on her back, being put in her carseat, sitting in a stroller for more than 15 minutes.

Favorite Products Baby carrier, folding high chair, diapers, amber teething necklace, soft stacking blocks, bee crawl toy, driving toy, stuffed puppy, body wash, bibs, freezable teething toy, sippy cup, soft bath book, toy remote, Mavis’ ball (lol), hide and squeak eggs, shake and sort cupcakes, diaper rash cream.

Other Notes Sadie has sprouted three or four teeth on top, her hair is growing, she loves to swim and kick in water, she crawls on her toes (we call it her bear crawl) and we think it’s because we have hardwood floors, and she was pretty unimpressed by sparklers on Independence Day, lol.

That’s everything I have for Sadie’s nine month update! I don’t have the words to describe what a joy she is. God has truly given us a sweet gift in Sadie Mae ❤