Bedroom Overhaul Update

It has been a few months since I posted my bedroom overhaul wish list. We’ve made a tiny bit of progress, so I wanted to share some pictures!

For reference, here is what our bed looked like before.

I wish I had more “before” pictures of our bedroom. Oh well! Not too much has changed, haha.

I purchased the comforter and sheets that we wanted, and also bought a duvet cover and bed skirt. We went with all white, which I knew wasn’t the best choice because we have two pets with black fur, but we are really happy with the look of the bed!

The total cost of the comforter, sheets, duvet cover, and bed skirt for our king-sized bed was only $103! Amazon for the win 🙂

white bedroomwooden I love you sign and I think I'll just be happy today box artbeige curtains

Yeah, it’s still looking pretty bare and stark! We moved our bed against a different wall, which makes the room feel bigger, but now we don’t have room for normal-sized nightstands. I’m sure we will figure something out, though.

I bought the “I think I’ll just be happy today” sign from Francescas for $12 and the “I love you” art from Kirklands for under $10! They were both on sale, but I can’t find them on the websites anymore. I don’t plan on keeping the art where it is in the pictures, I just needed to put something on the wall so it wasn’t so bare.

The rest of the room is pretty boring looking. A forlorn looking basket and yoga mat, a mirror I want to frame and hang, and curtains that don’t match the room at all. Also, can you spot Lola? She has her own “bedroom” 🙂

I’m happy with the progress so far, we just have a lot more to do. Next, I think I’d like to find curtains that match the room better and get some colorful throw pillows!


Coffee, Watercoloring, and Dogs

What do coffee, watercoloring, and dogs have in common? Not much… except for the fact that my weekend included all three 🙂

Dunkin Donuts coffee and cat watercolor

Jimmy left for Josh’s bachelor party on Friday morning (they went skydiving!!), and I worked all day, then watercolored at night. It had been a few months since I last pulled out my paint brushes, so it felt really good to watercolor again.

On Saturday, I picked up Haley (a dog I pet sit a lot) and met my family at the Adoption Connection PA Forever Family 5k. I hadn’t gone to a race in years, but a few months ago my parents gave me the pamphlet for the Forever Family 5k because they know I’m super passionate about adoption.

I couldn’t resist supporting an amazing organization, so my parents, sister, and I signed up for the race!

Adoption Connection PA Forever Family 5k race with dogs

My mom and dad ran (with their dog, Reggie!), and Hannah and I walked with Haley and Brandy! It was a lovely race, and there was coffee provided afterwards, which was great 🙂

Afterwards, my family came to my house for lunch and we had fun rounding up all the dogs for a picture.

Cocker Spaniel, Black Lab Pit Bull Mix, Yellow Lab, and Chocolate Lab

Hannah and I picked up supplies to make her wedding guest book, she helped me pet sit a cat, and we went to Dunkin Donuts afterwards!

Jimmy came home in the evening (yay!), we went to church on Sunday, and I pet sat. Now it’s a new week and it’s time for me to get started on work!

How was your weekend?