A Month

Somehow a month has passed since Sadie was born. It was one of the fastest, hardest, and best months of my life.

We’ve had so many firsts that I never want to forget.

First bath, first family walk, first diaper blowout (I guess I could forget that one!), first date night for mom and dad, first time at church.

First reflex smile, my first day on my own with Sadie, first mom brain moment, and probably a few others I’m forgetting!

What a month of learning and loving.

Learning that our life is forever changed and absolutely loving that change, even in the hard moments. Or after reflecting on the hard moments 😉

A month of realizing that Jimmy and I are a team. A month of laughter and less sleep. A month of cuddles and rocking and discovering what Sadie likes and doesn’t like.

A month of diaper changes, tiny socks, swaddle blankets, cute outfits, learning to do things with one hand, and figuring out how baby gear works.

A month of lots of laundry, dirty floors, and eating dinner on the couch. A month of staring at Sadie’s every feature and soaking her in as she grows and changes every day.

A month of tears of sadness from not knowing what we’re doing and tears of joy over the blessing of our little one and new life as a family.

A month of support and help from loved ones and friends. A month of new priorities and joys.

A month of prayers of praise and thanks and asking for guidance. It has been such a blessed month. God has been so very good to us.

I can’t wait to see what Sadie’s second month of life brings!


Currently: October 2018

We’re more than halfway through October. Crazy! Who loves October? I know I do. I totally embrace all things pumpkin and fall-ish. Here’s what’s been going on in my life this month!

Current book Midwife: A Calling by Peggy Vincent. This is probably my third time reading this book. I love that its filled with birth stories and the chapters are short and easy to get through in small chunks of time.

Current excitement Our friends from church are getting married next weekend!

Current goal Getting pictures printed and in frames around our house. I have taken about ten million pictures in the past month and I want to get some off of my phone and onto our walls!

Current food Trader Joe’s dark chocolate lover’s chocolate bar. My brother and sister-in-law picked this up for me recently as a little gift and I’ve been enjoying a few squares after lunch each day. Yum.

Current blessing Our church family. We went to church as a family of three for the first time this past Sunday and everyone was so excited to see us. It was really special to introduce Sadie to the people who have been praying for her and loving on Jimmy and I so well.

Current baked good Brownies! My mom made us some recently and they were so good. She used this recipe. Also loving cornbread, as always. Friends from our church made us meals after Sadie was born and word got around that I’m a cornbread lover, so we have been well stocked on one of my favorite foods lately. It’s the best!

Current confession I’m way too into testing out which diapers we like the most. We received Pampers, Huggies, Honest, and a few other brands as gifts at our baby shower. I’m amazed at how fast we went through them. We found that we liked Pampers the best (so far) and are now trying out Amazon’s brand. New parent life over here 😉

Current beauty product This mascara has been a favorite of mine lately.

Current project I’m testing out a product for a large food company and it’s so much fun to get creative in the kitchen with it!

Current drink Sugar cookie sleigh ride tea. Can’t get enough of this lately! Celestial Seasonings really knows how to make a good seasonal tea.

Current app The WordPress app since I’ve been blogging from my phone lately!

Current craving Having a fire in our fire pit. There’s just something so cozy about a fire in the fall.

Current fun Jimmy and I went on a date last weekend! My parents watched Sadie for us and we went to a fall festival, got coffee, walked around a mall, and went out to dinner. It was so, so nice to get out!

Current laugh I had my postpartum checkup yesterday with the midwife that delivered Sadie and she told Jimmy and I that she needed to dye her hair after our birth. Jimmy said he needed to as well, haha.

Current need Five extra hands and 10 more hours in the day!

Current obsession This little nugget. How is she already a month old next week?!

Tell me something current in your life!