Sitting on kitchen counter

Confessions + Focus

I have some fun confessions today. Some are totally random, some make life easier, and some are just… different. Let’s get started. Oh, and I so want to hear some of your confessions in the comments 😉

Confession #1 Our family doesn’t eat dinner at our table together.

Why? Because we don’t have enough chairs, lol. Our kitchen table seats two people, so Jimmy and I take turns sitting on top of the kitchen counter, while the other sits across from Sadie at the table. Someday we will get a bigger table!

Sitting on kitchen counter

Confession #2 Sometimes the only way I can get a bit of real estate work done while at home with Sadie and Niva is to take everyone outside and set up my laptop up somewhere out of reach from Sadie.

I can’t sit at the table because laptops = toddler magnet, lol.

Working outside with toddler

Confession #3 I like to drink hot water. 

My favorite way to drink water is to turn on the tap until the water coming out is steaming, then I fill up my water bottle and enjoy. Super Sparrow water bottles are amazing at keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Unlike other popular brands, they don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

Super Sparrow Water Bottles from Amazon

I’m strangely picky about water bottles and I’ve been so impressed with this brand. The fact that they have so many different types, sizes, and colors of bottles makes them even more amazing. There’s definitely one for everyone.

Confession #4 Niva doesn’t bark and we don’t mind.

Toddler and husky

Huskies just aren’t barkers. When the mailman drops off a package while Sadie is napping? No barking. It is glorious. Is she a good guard dog? Absolutely not, lol. I will note that huskies howl, but barking isn’t really their thing.

There are a million other reasons as to why we love our Niva girl (she’s sweet, incredible with Sadie, and just a happy-go-lucky pup), but the whole no barking thing is definitely a blessing. 

Those are my confessions. Onto the focus portion of this post. I was reading a great devotional in the Bible app and the words below really struck me.

Breaking bad habits

I had never thought about bad habits in that way, so I thought it was worth sharing! I’m continually trying to live a life that pleases God and instead of focusing on what I’m not doing well, I need to keep my focus on growing in my faith 🙂

Tell me your confessions!


Things Our Pets Destroy + Trying Meal Delivery Kits

Add ceramic vases to the list of things our pets destroy 😉

Black cat with broken vase

I was in our basement doing laundry the other day while Malcolm and Mavis were upstairs playing. I heard a big crash and found the shattered vase all over the floor. I’m pretty sure Mavis may have ate some of it, too. I’m happy to report she’s alive, though!

Other things our pets destroy
– The ability to sleep in (<– Mavis)
– Unattended books, shoes, and rolls of toilet paper (<– Mavis)
– Anything that can be knocked off of a counter (<– Malcolm)
– Food that is literally sitting on my plate right in front of me (<– Malcolm)
– Our old couches (<– Lola)

Dog and cat playing in bathtub

See Instagram for more of their antics.

They’re worth it though. It’s all material stuff (except sleeping in…) that can be replaced!

So, have you guys heard of meal delivery kits? I know I’m super late to the game with these because I’ve been seeing advertisements for Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and a few others for years now. I found a Groupon for HelloFresh and decided to give it a whirl since it was such a good deal!

HelloFresh Kimchi Chicken HelloFresh Kimchi Chicken

Sorry for the poor quality photos (daylight savings is killing my photography at night!). I have to say, we really enjoyed the whole process of picking out meals, not having to shop for them, and then having all the ingredients and recipes on hand to prepare them.

Jimmy and I were just talking last night and agreed that we want to try all the meal delivery services out there and pick which one we think is the best. It sounds like a fun experiment that will keep us out of dinner ruts! It’s probably not something we would do forever, since I think it can be a bit pricy, but I like the idea and all of the companies seem to have good deals for first-timers.

We are trying Home Chef next and looking into Blue Apron, Sun Basket, and Plated. Send any other recommendations our way!

Alright, enough about meal delivery services! Let’s talk about fun things like coffee.

Coffee in catfinated mug from Kirkland's

I tried Trader Joe’s coffee for the first time and loved it. I think I’ll have to add their coffee to my list of favorite foods from Trader Joe’s. What else is on the list, you ask? Their chocolate coconut milk ice cream and sunflower seed butter! Also, I painted my nails for once. Yay!

Mother and daughter

My mom and I spent some time together on Friday because she needed to pickup a 5k race packet on “my side” of Pittsburgh (she also made an appearance in my most recent vlog!). While we were out and about, I got a new candle from Bath and Body Works! It’s the cinnamon caramel swirl scent and I’ve pretty much had it burning nonstop for the past two days.

There’s just something about a lit candle that makes a home feel so cozy, especially in the fall and winter 🙂

Bath and Body Works Cinnamon Caramel Swirl three wick candle

Alright, I’m off to do some chores around the house and then Jimmy and I are heading back to our church’s evening service. After the service, we’re co-hosting a taco fellowship for everyone with my sister and her husband. Yum!

I have lots of questions today…

If you have pets, have they every destroyed anything?

Have you ever tried meal kit delivery services?

What is your favorite candle scent?