More Sickness, Eggs, and Other Fun

Just when I thought we were all recovered from our recent sickness, I came down with a head cold over the weekend. Man! Who is ready for spring?! This cold and flu season has really gotten the best of us with Sadie’s ear infection, the stomach flu, and my cold.

I missed the baby shower I was supposed to go to on Saturday, but I still managed to get the funfetti cookies I baked delivered to the shower.

Funfetti cake mix cookies

I missed out on church on Sunday, too. I had a fever on Saturday night, so I didn’t think it was a good idea to bring my germs into the church nursery the next day. I always miss being with our church family when we’re sick or away. Our time at church is like a refreshment from the world each week, if that makes sense. I’m really looking forward to feeling totally normal and being with our people later this week!

Speaking of cookies, I also made graham cracker chocolate chip cookies over the weekend. They were good–Jimmy even said they were blogworthy–but I think they need marshmallows. So, basically I want to make s’mores cookies. I’ll share the recipe if I pick up some marshmallows and try again soon!

Okay, onto the topic of eggs.

Farm fresh eggs

My sister-in-law’s future father-in-law (did that make sense?!) has a chicken coop and gives away the eggs. My SIL casually asked if Jimmy and I would want some and I think I scared her by how excited I got. Of course we want local eggs!

I had my first egg on an english muffin for lunch today and it was delish.

Other fun things of note:
-Sadie and I did a puzzle together at the library.
-Jimmy and I are slowly working on getting Sadie to sleep in her crib at night. This has been so helpful.
-On the nights we manage to get Sadie to sleep in her crib before we go to bed, Jimmy and I have been watching Hallmark movies together. We like to laugh about the plot and how cliche it is, but we’re enjoying our alone time so much!
-I just started reading this book and I’m enjoying it so far.
-Jimmy and I are going bowling with our church this weekend and I’m excited. I’m horrible at bowling, but it’s so fun!
-We dressed Sadie in a dinosaur suit over the weekend and we’re still cracking up at how cute/funny she was in it.

Now onto a few pictures to go along with the fun things of note!

Baby and mom doing dinosaur puzzleBaby and dad in dinosaur outfitBaby girl and dad in dinosaur suit

Okay, this post officially feels all over the place! As usual. I feel like that’s a post in and of itself; I feel all over the place since having a baby. It’s amazing and wild and such a learning experience.

Speaking of babyhood, Sadie just woke up from a nap so I better finish this post! She turned five-months-old yesterday and I’m thinking of actually writing an update on her for once… yay or nay? I always enjoy reading them on other blogs, and I’m sure I’ll love looking back on it. Let me know what you think!

Are you excited for spring?

Do you like bowling?

Two Random Pictures + Other (Slightly) Less Random Things

Hi! Let’s start this post off with a really random picture!

Comotomo teething toy teether in orange

I sent this picture to my mom on Sunday and just noticed it in my photos and was cracking up when I really looked at it.

Jimmy and I came home from church and received an Amazon package of this teething toy (the orange thing I’m holding) that my mom had sent to us. Jimmy was bending over to unlace his shoes, Malcolm was just casually resting on his back, and Sadie was relaxing in her carseat on our side table. This is our life. Sadie loves the teether, by the way!

Aaaand here’s one more random picture from my camera roll, just for fun.

Fresh Thyme Peanut Butter

Another picture I sent to my mom! I took her to a new grocery store by our house called Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market on a Friday. I bought some of their freshly ground peanut butter and sent her a picture of the empty container on Tuesday.¬†Peanut butter eating is my specialty ūüėČ

Okay, onto other (slightly?) less random things.¬†I am still plugging away at reading and editing my book so I can get. it. done. I even took Sadie on a date with me to Dunkin’ Donuts so we could work together!

In reality she was having a cranky morning, I needed coffee, and we both needed to get out of the house, so Dunkin’ it was!

Dunkin donuts coffee and book editing with Clopette baby toy

Jimmy, his brother, and I spent Saturday afternoon taking pictures of my sister-in-law and her fiancé for their save the dates!

She originally asked me to photograph them, but I don’t think I’m that¬†proficient with my DSLR camera, so I told her I’d pose them if my my brother-in-law could take the pictures.¬†Here are a few snaps from my phone.

Winter engagement pictures for save the datesWinter engagement pictures for save the datesWinter engagement pictures for save the dates

I think our little photoshoot was a success! My sis-in-law even asked me to be a bridesmaid, which I’m really excited about. Sadie and I are watching her try on wedding dresses this weekend, which should be a lot of fun!

Other thoughts and life updates
-I’m currently reading this book and can’t put it down.
-I’m pretty sure Sadie is going through a growth spurt, teething, and the four month sleep regression all at once. If you can read this: send coffee!
-I bought and changed the lightbulbs in our microwave! This was big for me because I’m so unsure of myself with stuff like this, haha.
-I’m still figuring out how to style my shorter hair, but here’s a (not great, lol) photo of the length. And Sadie with her teething toy, haha.

Mom and baby daughter with teething toy

Tell me something random from your life!