Noodle Hair Confession and Harvesting Vegetables from the Garden

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes for Sadie’s nose to heal up. She is looking much better and is her happy-go-lucky self! The swelling has gone down and she just has a cut and a tiny bit of bruising by her eye. She’s a champ, lol.

Toddler painting Abeka homeschool craft

We spent some time painting a picture from her arts and crafts book yesterday and she was loving it. We also went out to the garden.

We harvested two different varieties of yellow squash and some swiss chard, micro greens, and arugula. Later on, we also picked the first cucumber of the season!

Yellow squash and greens from vegetable garden in Pittsburgh

We have a few watermelons, green peppers, and jalapeños coming in, tomatoes are beginning to ripen, and the strawberries are being eaten by birds before we can pick them. They must be good 😉

These two behaved fairly well yesterday. Sure, Niva stole sweet potato fries off my dinner plate when I turned my back while Malcolm went for the chicken, but that’s child’s play compared to their usual antics.

Siberian Husky and black cat together

Sadie, on the other hand, went on a little breaking spree.

She broke the hanging succulent Jimmy gave me as a Mother’s Day gift when I was pregnant with her and the coffee mug my sister-in-law gave Jimmy for performing their wedding ceremony.

Broken coffee mug and glass succulent holder

When sentimental things like that break, I try to remind myself that they’re just things. Material possessions are nice and a blessing, but I never want to be so attached to something that when it breaks I flip out, you know?

I’m sure it’s easier said than done with it’s bigger and more important than decor and a coffee mug, though.

In the evening, we headed to church and I found a noodle in Sadie’s hair when we got there. I have to confess: I took the noodle out of her hair and gave it to her… and she ate it.

Noodle in toddler's hairFamily picture of mom and dad and toddler taking a selfie

Have you ever found something random in your hair? (True story, I once found a mini drone in my hair.)

Pictures from the Picnic

Our Independence Day shindig turned out to be quite the fun day! We had my parents, sister’s family and their dog, in-laws and their puppy, my cousin and her daughter, and a friend over for a cookout and it was a lovely day.

Jimmy and I prepped the house in the morning by cleaning, cooking, and getting the yard spruced up. Everyone came over in the afternoon and we grilled, chilled, and enjoyed watching the dogs and babies run around!

Just popping in to share some pictures so I can reflect on the fun, blessed day all over again 🙂

Picnic in yardToddler and girl sitting on porch step in red white and blue outfitsGirls leaning against fence in grassMom cupping daughter's head while laying in grass
Grandma holding toddler in red dress
Grandma on trampoline with babiesMom and baby in red white and blue outfits laying in grassDogwood tree with sun shining through branchesMom and toddler smiling in grass in black and white picture

Jimmy and I were wiped. out. on Sunday. We went to church, cleaned up the house and yard, and then went back to church in the evening.

We did manage to sneak in a few frisbee tosses after Sadie went to bed on Sunday night, which felt like the perfect way to end the weekend.

Tell me about your weekend!