Soaking Up Summer

Have you ever been doing something and thought there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing right now? I felt that way a few times the other day.

Family with baby girl in swimming pool

I was outside in our yard playing fetch with Mavis and thought, man I just love this very moment of watching her play and enjoy life. Later on, I was pushing Sadie in her swing and thought, this is the absolute best. After playing, we harvested the first zucchini of the season from our garden.

That evening, Jimmy and I took Sadie swimming in our neighbor’s pool and it was so. much. fun. Afterwards, Sadie went down for a late nap and Jimmy and I ate dinner outside on our bistro table… alone! What a treat.

Baby girl smiling after swimming with hooded towel

I’ve been trying to be very present and conscious during this sweet season. It’s such a blessing to be right where I am each and every day. I am so thankful to God for the many gifts He has generously given me.

How are you soaking up this season?


Celebrations and Surprises

We had quite the celebratory weekend in the Zottola household. Jimmy and I celebrated five years of marriage and my 27th birthday on Friday and Father’s Day on Sunday.

Husband and wife smiling at Pittsburgh Zoo with baby girl in Infantino baby carrier

Jimmy surprised me on Friday by taking off work and going to the Pittsburgh Zoo with Sadie and me! It was a ton of fun to spend the day together as a family and show Sadie all the work her dad did at the zoo! She was really into the cheetahs and enjoyed the aquarium a lot, too!

That evening, my parents came over and we all walked to our neighborhood’s park for a concert and food truck night. It was such a gorgeous evening and so lovely just spending time together. We walked around the park and pushed Sadie in the swing and I kept thinking this is the best. God is so good. 

Grandparents holdin baby girl

The surprises continued on Saturday when Jimmy’s mom came over and we walked to the park with her and Sadie. When we got back to the house, my parents, siblings, and their spouses and babies were all standing in our kitchen saying surprise!

Jimmy planned the sweetest surprise birthday cookout for me with our family and I’m tearing up just thinking about how loved I felt. It was the sweetest evening enjoying each other’s company, playing with the babies, and enjoying lots of great food.

Mother and baby girl smiling in grass

Guys sitting at picnic table

Saturday was the first night we had all “the girls” (my siblings’ daughters + Sadie) together and it was as exciting as I thought it would be! I have a feeling they’re all going to be best buds as they grow up 🙂

Baby with newborns

On Sunday, we went to church and had a low key day at home together. Jimmy’s request for Father’s Day was to take a nap, so we made that happen for him! In the evening, we went back to church and stayed after for a Father’s Day fellowship.

We went to bed last night talking about what a great weekend we had and how thankful we are that God has blessed us with our families and each other ❤

Have you ever been to a surprise party?