Currently: March 2019

We’re somehow about halfway through March right now. I feel like we were just ringing in the new year! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life this month.

Current books I’ve started reading this book as I prepare to co-lead a mom’s group at our church. Sadie has been enjoying this book about Genesis as well as learning sign language from this book, and she adores pulling down the felt flaps in this farm-themed book!

Current excitement My sister’s baby shower is on Saturday! She’s due in two months and I cannot wait to meet baby Caroline 🙂

Current joy Sadie. She’s sweet as can be and becoming more and more interactive each day.

Baby girl wearing sparkly cat ears from Old Navy

Current beauty product Does a towel count as a beauty product?! This reusable makeup remover towel is so neat–it removes makeup with just water!

Current food Edamame spaghetti. I found it at Aldi for a good price, so I figured we’d give it a whirl. Random, but delicious.

Current laugh I recently hung out with my mom and drove her truck. I parked and grabbed my water bottle (still loving the water bottle from this post, FYI!), only to discover that I took her cup holder along with me. The best part was that I didn’t realize I had the cup holder until I was about 50 feet away from the truck, lol.

Flamingo pink hydroflask water bottle

Current baked good Graham cracker chocolate chip cookies.

Current indulgence Blogging when I should be doing household chores 😉

Current drink Jimmy and I recently tried the new Cloud Macchiato from Starbucks and it was excellent! Also loving Newman’s Own k-cups and coffee in general, as always!

Coffee and Dairy Pure half and half in a Mommy mug

Current goal To organize and sort through all of Sadie’s clothes.

Current craving Spring weather and a date night with Jimmy!

Current cuteness Mavis and Sadie. They’re best buds ❤

Cocker spaniel cuddling with baby girl

Current blessing Daylight savings time. I am so enjoying the extra daylight hours!

Current obsession Researching chicken keeping. I really don’t need any more living things to take care of but I’ve always wanted to have chickens. I keep telling myself “Don’t do it, Allie” and yet I find myself looking up more and more info…

Current fun Pittsburgh experienced some semi-warm weather over the weekend, so Jimmy and I took Mavis and Sadie for a walk on a local trail. We also went to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, which was a blast!

Dad with cocker spaniel and baby on trail with jogging stroller

Tell me something current in your life!


A Sign, Back to Coffee, and Cleaning

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about our crazy weekend! We’re feeling much better and even back to drinking coffee. Just in time to enjoy our new coffee maker!

I gave Jimmy the K-Elite Keurig for Valentine’s Day and we have both been thoroughly enjoying it. I felt a little bad getting him a gift that both of us would benefit from buuut I knew he’d love it and our old Keurig was on its last leg. Plus, his Valentine’s Day gift for me is to take me out to eat and we both benefit from that, so…. 😉

Speaking of Jimmy, check out the sign he designed, created, and installed at his work!

In case anyone is new here or doesn’t know, Jimmy works for his family’s business as a steel fabricator. I guess the shop was due for a new sign, so he made one that could attach to one of their landscaping boulders.

He’s pretty awesome 🙂

See Sadie’s face? That’s the face of a baby who spent the day cleaning with her mama!

We’ve been sanitizing all. the. things. in our house and she has been such a champ about being put in the baby carrier while I vacuum, mop, and fold laundry. I’ve also been putting away Sadie’s 0-3 and 3 month-sized clothes and trying not to get overly sentimental… but how is she almost five months?!

Other random things of note
-I’m eating a frozen chocolate chip cookie as I type this post and it’s really good. I’ve never had a frozen cookie, but I was too lazy to defrost it. I’ve decided I need to eat cookies like this more often.
-Sadie has really been loving the “Babies Love” lift-a-flap books and I’m currently looking for a good read. Any suggestions?
-I’m going to a baby shower on Saturday afternoon for a friend at church and I’m so pumped! She’s having a little boy 🙂

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Have you ever ate frozen cookies?