A Sign, Back to Coffee, and Cleaning

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about our crazy weekend! We’re feeling much better and even back to drinking coffee. Just in time to enjoy our new coffee maker!

I gave Jimmy the K-Elite Keurig for Valentine’s Day and we have both been thoroughly enjoying it. I felt a little bad getting him a gift that both of us would benefit from buuut I knew he’d love it and our old Keurig was on its last leg. Plus, his Valentine’s Day gift for me is to take me out to eat and we both benefit from that, so…. 😉

Speaking of Jimmy, check out the sign he designed, created, and installed at his work!

In case anyone is new here or doesn’t know, Jimmy works for his family’s business as a steel fabricator. I guess the shop was due for a new sign, so he made one that could attach to one of their landscaping boulders.

He’s pretty awesome 🙂

See Sadie’s face? That’s the face of a baby who spent the day cleaning with her mama!

We’ve been sanitizing all. the. things. in our house and she has been such a champ about being put in the baby carrier while I vacuum, mop, and fold laundry. I’ve also been putting away Sadie’s 0-3 and 3 month-sized clothes and trying not to get overly sentimental… but how is she almost five months?!

Other random things of note
-I’m eating a frozen chocolate chip cookie as I type this post and it’s really good. I’ve never had a frozen cookie, but I was too lazy to defrost it. I’ve decided I need to eat cookies like this more often.
-Sadie has really been loving the “Babies Love” lift-a-flap books and I’m currently looking for a good read. Any suggestions?
-I’m going to a baby shower on Saturday afternoon for a friend at church and I’m so pumped! She’s having a little boy 🙂

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Have you ever ate frozen cookies?

A Few Favorites

Sharing a few recent favorites, from books to moments and everything in between!


Bath time with Sadie. She’s just so content and cute in the bathtub! We are really loving this bathtub and this shampoo + body wash combo at the moment. There’s nothing like a freshly bathed baby all snuggled up in pajamas. Love it!

My own bath time. Fitting in a shower is tough sometimes! I’ve had a few days where Sadie was content to sit in her rock n play and I’d shower and peek out to find her and Malcolm watching me!

When Jimmy dresses Sadie. He got her all ready before my hematology appointment last week and it was adorable to see which outfit he picked out.

Reading a Christmas Bible study on my Bible app.

Decorating for Christmas. We aren’t putting up a tree this year because we don’t have room (small house + baby gear problems, lol), but we’ve decorated the outside of our house with garland, lights, a flag, and the sign below. We also have some indoor decorations up, which I show at the end of my most recent vlog!

Wooden manger scene Christmas decoration

Crafting. I’ve caught the crafting bug and have a million little projects I want to complete.

(Baby) Books

Baby Signs by Joy Allen. At two months, Sadie is a bit young for sign language, but this is helping me brush up on my signing so I can teach her. I haven’t been consistent about learning it since my Penn State days.

Mama Loves You So by Terry Pierce. Rach gifted me this book and it’s so special!

Mighty Dads by Joan Holub. I gave this to Jimmy for Father’s Day and it’s adorable. We’re excited for Sadie to learn about some of the machinery Jimmy uses.

Babies Love Animals by Scarlett Wing.

I Prayed for You by Jean Fischer. I can’t read this, especially the page picture below, without tearing up!

Cleaning supplies

Seventh Generation disinfectant spray. I love that this doesn’t have to be wiped off after use, even on surfaces where food is being prepped!

Method bathroom cleaner. Smells great and works great.

Full Circle detail cleaning brush. I’ve professed my love for this little tool before. Still loving it! I have one in our bathroom and one in our kitchen.

Blogs and Vlogs 

Enough Part I and Part II by Nicole. Man did I need to read those posts. Nicole is such an amazing writer, too.

Vlogging. I’ve been trying to film a vlog every now and then to document our new life as a family.

Happy Things

My siblings expecting their babies ten days apart from each other! My brother and his wife just announced they’re expecting a baby in May, (as are my sister and her husband!)! Hannah and Racquel’s due dates are ten days apart. So, so excited!

Pregnancy announcement picture

What moments/books/things/etc. are your favorite lately?