Our Thanksgiving 2019

Hi! I hope everyone who celebrated had a lovely Thanksgiving! Ours was a bit different this year… we were all a bit sick, but it was no less special, memorable, and fun!

Challah bread

I spent the day before Thanksgiving fulfilling challah orders and even managed to bake one for us to bring to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents’ house! I made two loaves of cinnamon raisin, one loaf of cheddar jalapeño, and one with sun-dried tomato and feta. Man do I love baking.

Sadie had been sick earlier in the week with a fever, and then Jimmy and I caught a cold mid-week, and Sadie woke up with it on Thanksgiving. We visited my in-laws and Sadie had a ball running all around their house.

Toddler and grandma on Thanksgiving

Her little outfit says “thankful for today” and it was given to us from our friends from church Miss Laura and Mr. Dave at Sadie’s baby shower and I’ve literally been dreaming of her wearing it since that day in July 2018!

It was as adorable on her as I thought it would be!

Baby girl with thanksgiving outfit

Sadie played her little heart out and then we drove across Pittsburgh to my parents’ house and she took a turn for the worse with her cold. She had a runny nose in the morning, but by the evening she was pitiful and the most sick I’ve seen her since stomach flu 2k19 hit our house in February.

She was sneezing and coughing and crying and lethargic and it was so, so pitiful. I knew she didn’t feel good when she fell asleep on my mom’s chest on the couch. She usually climbs all over couches and doesn’t ever sit still. Poor girl.

Baby sleeping on grandma

We all enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner compliments of my parents. Afterwards we all just hung out and tried to keep Sadie girl comfortable. My parents had the same cold, so we were all sick together. It was kinda nice not having to worry about passing on our germs, lol!

Sadie had a fitful night of sleep and woke up feeling about the same on Friday so we laid low for the day. Our big Black Friday purchase was a humidifier because we called Sadie’s pediatrician and they recommended one to help with her cough.

Our Thanksgiving was great, though. We were blessed enough to all wake up with a roof over our heads, families to visit, a God who loves us, and a meal on the table. What more could we want!

Tell me about your Thanksgiving!

Our First Thanksgiving As A Family

Jimmy, Sadie, and I celebrated our first Thanksgiving together and it was just as special as I imagined it would be. We didn’t have any big plans for the day, which was perfect for us.

Sadie and Jimmy slept in a little (!), so I used the quiet time in the morning to brew a pot of coffee, hang out with the pets, and get to work on some baking. I made mini pumpkin pies and prepped the turkey.

Mini pumpkin pies

Soon everyone was up and ready for the day so I fed Sadie and then we relaxed in her room and read her a few books.

It was really nice to have Jimmy home in the morning and take things slow. We kept telling Sadie happy Thanksgiving and were imagining her eating turkey next year… crazy!

Girl reading to baby

We spent the day relaxing around the house, cooking, and enjoying each other’s company. I could spend every day just like that and be content.

At one point, I turned to Jimmy and said “Can you believe we’re a family, us three?” and he just smiled as big as I was and said he couldn’t believe it. God has been very, very kind to us and we have so much to be thankful for.

I made jalapeño mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans, and gravy while Jimmy and Sadie cheered me on from the kitchen table. Our little gal is so observant. She just furrows her brow and watches the world around her.

Soon enough it was time for dinner! We pulled the turkey out of the oven, Jimmy carved it, and I set the table with the china from our wedding.

I need to use our china more often because we love the pattern and it reminds us of the day we made our wedding registry (<–I looked back on that post and why…. why was I wearing a Pikachu shirt in the last picture?! LOL.).

Thanksgiving dinner

After dinner we headed out into the cold weather (Pittsburgh didn’t break 30 degrees the whole day!) and made two trips to see Jimmy’s family.

I had fun dressing Sadie up in a turkey dress and then got sad that it would be the last time she would wear it. Little did I know that I’d be changing her out of it before we finished visiting everyone, lol.

The holidays feel extra special now, and it’s such a joy to see our families with little Sader Tot! Before we knew it we were back home snuggling on the couch and reminiscing on what a lovely day we had.

It was a great first Thanksgiving as a family and we felt incredibly blessed to have the day together to reflect on all we have to be thankful for!

Tell me about your Thanksgiving!