More Snapshots from Our Thanksgiving

As I was writing about our Thanksgiving, I didn’t want to inundate the post with a million photos, but I still wanted to make sure post them here on the blog so I can look back on them!

So, that’s what this post it all about: the rest of the pictures I took during our Thanksgiving weekend 😊

Toddler girl wearing footie pajamas and playing with cat toy (more…)

Sister Day

I mentioned in my last post that my sister brought her kids and dog over for the day on Wednesday and promised to blog about it. We had such a fun time! Hannah and I signed Sadie and Caroline up for a plant and paint event at a local park, so the girls painted a flower pot and planted a succulent and got to take it home! I will be cherishing that little pot as long as it lasts at our zoo of a house 😜

The day was full on chaos with three kids under age three and two dogs, but the best kind of chaos. I know I say it all the time, but I love doing life with my sister and I feel so blessed that we are in the same stage of being a wife and raising kids (and dogs) at the same time. My favorite moments of the day were the ones where the kids were all content and Hannah and I could just talk about everything and nothing. I so needed that day with her and I can’t wait to hang out again soon!

Toddler girls with matching outfits holding hands