Sadie at Seven Months

I’m currently writing this when Sadie is almost eight months, but hey–better late than never, right?! Here’s what has been up with little Sader Tot during her seventh month of life.

Baby with headband bow smiling in carseat

Growth Sadie is now a little over 15 pounds and is 26.5 inches tall.

Wearing Six and nine month clothes and size three diapers.

Eating Sadie is still mostly nursing, but enjoys a good cob of corn every now and then, which is funny because I was obsessed with corn while pregnant with her. She really likes to feed herself with a spoon and seems to enjoy yogurt and some purees!

Baby girl eating cob of corn at restaurant

Personality Our little gal is happy and silly. That’s the best way I’d describe her!

Nicknames Sader Tot, Tot, Totling, Tottle Berry, Tottle B, Todd, Toddy, and Mini Jimmy.

Sleeping Sadie is beginning to sleep a bit more at night! Or maybe we’re just getting better at sleep training, lol. We put her down around 7-8 pm and she usually wakes up at 11 pm and sometime between 2-4 am. Then she’s up for the day at 6 or 7 am!

She’s taking two or three naps a day of varying length. She’s doing much better with sleeping in her crib, too! We love looking on the baby monitor and seeing the crazy positions she ends up falling asleep in.

Dad and baby sleeping together

Looks Like Her dad! A few people have said she looks like me, but I think she mostly resembles Jimmy.

New Skills Sadie is sitting up really well and so close to crawling. She dances to music by shaking her head and moving her body and it’s absolutely adorable. She also is trying to climb everything! She has continued to babble more this month, too.

Likes Being in mine or Jimmy’s arms as much as possible, her toys, books, Baby Einstein videos, our pets, taking baths, putting anything in her mouth, sitting in her highchair, being in her carrier, and being outside.

Baby girl sitting in highchair

Dislikes Being put in her car seat, having her head and arms put through clothing, and seeing me walk away from her.

Favorite Products Puppy stuffed animal, ball pit, baby carrier, stroller, school bus xylophone, stacking rings, shopping cart cover, and high chair.

Other Notes I’m not sure when right or left handedness is determined, but we think Sadie might be a leftie. She has two bottom teeth and we thought more were coming in earlier this month, but nothing yet. We’re thinking her eye color is hazel at this point. She has a little bit of separation anxiety with me, even to the point of not wanting Jimmy to hold her at times.

Last but not least, she met her cousin, Remi! My brother and his wife welcomed their daughter on Sunday and baby Remi is doing great! She had a full head of hair and Sadie was obsessed with touching it, lol!

Baby meeting newborn cousin

I think that’s everything for month seven! It was a fun one for sure. We are so thankful to the Lord for Sadie and the blessing of her sweet little soul ❤


Sadie at Six Months

Sadie is somehow closer to a year old than she is to her newborn days. C-r-a-z-y. Here’s what’s up with Sadie girl at six months.

Growth At her six month check up, she was 14 pounds, 8.5 ounces and 25 inches long. She’s a tiny little gal, in the 20th percentile for weight and 34th percentile for height. Thankfully she’s growing right on track, though!

Wearing Six month onesies and nine month outfits because it’s easier to get her head through the neck of the shirt. She’s in size three diapers now.

Eating We got the go ahead to start solid food from our pediatrician. Despite being interested in food, Sadie didn’t swallow anything for a few weeks. She would just push food out of her mouth until one day she decided to swallow broccoli!

Wer’e using the baby led weaning method of feeding Sadie, mostly because it makes sense and because she’s not into baby food and being fed at all. She wants to feed herself and play with her food instead of having it spooned into her mouth, lol.

Shes still getting 99.9% of her nutrition from breastfeeding, which is going well! She still does her best eating in the middle of the night when there are no distractions.

As far as solids, she seems to like watermelon, oranges, toast, pita bread, pancakes, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, eggs, pancakes, and pork. She’s also had salmon, carrots, peanut butter, avocado, mango, sweet potatoes, and a few other things I’m probably forgetting. We gave her a lemon wedge while out to eat and she ate it like a champ and didn’t pucker up at all. Strange!

Personality Sadie is so sweet, pleasant, fun-loving, and generally happy. She enjoys meeting new people and almost always smiles at strangers. We even dropped her off in the church nursery while on vacation and she did great with the worker and other children! When she’s home with Jimmy and me, she is very silly and talkative.

Nicknames Sadie Lady, Sader Tot, Totling, Tottle Berry, Todd, Darth Sader, Stone Cold Sadie, and Mini Jimmy (because she looks so much like Jimmy).

Sleeping We’ve been working on sleep training Sadie, but still take her into bed with us to eat in the middle of the night because she does her best eating then. It has been amazing to have a semi-set bedtime for her between 7 and 8 and to know that Jimmy and I will have some time to relax before she’s up again to eat within a few hours.

We’re slowly weaning Sadie off of the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit (which we really liked!) and into a sleep sack instead since it’s getting warmer outside.

As far as napping, she’s all over the place. She generally takes three naps a day from 30 minutes to 2 hours, it just depends on what we’re doing that day and how tired she is.

Looks like Her dad!

New skills Sadie is sitting up! She also started babbling ba-ba-ba, da-da-da, sprouted two bottom teeth, and sticks her tongue out all the time. She also rolled from her back to stomach once during a nap.

Likes Mornings, yelling and cooing loudly, being outside, attention and eye contact, lift-a-flap books, her jumper, being held, stroller walks, our pets, other children, standing and sitting, toys, screens, mirrors, and empty plastic water bottles.

Dislikes Having her arms put through sleeves, toys or food being taken away, me leaving the room, and being tired.

Favorite products Minnie Mouse jumper, Activity Gym and Ball Pit, Halo SleepSack, Baby D DropsMama Bear diapers, Amazon Elements wipes, Bee Crawl Toy, Where’s The Hen and Where’s The Dog books, Banana toothbrush, and Pop Up toy.

Baby with flower behind ear

Other notes We discovered Sadie is ticklish on her belly, her hair is getting lighter and longer, she still doesn’t have a set eye color (they’re either blue-gray or brown-hazel depending on what she’s wearing or the lighting), and she took her first trip to the Outer Banks!

We have little daily rituals that we’re enjoying. I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush while holding her and she thinks it’s the coolest when I put the brush against her head while it’s vibrating. We also try to get outside each day and touch a forsythia bush near our house. If we don’t do that, we look at trees and flowers and she touches them.

That’s everything for Sadie at six months! She is truly a joy and light in our lives and we feel incredibly blessed that God made her our daughter ❤