Ten Years of Blogging

On October 12th, 2010 I started this blog. My first post was a recap of my weekend and also embarrassing, haha. I was 18-years-old and just having fun sharing my days as a freshman in college, what I ate, what Jimmy and I did, and things that were on my mind. 

I was swimming competitively, working at Penn State’s athletic center, Jimmy was my boyfriend, and Lola was a young dog.

While in college, I got into running and did everything from 5ks to marathon training, struggled with an h.pylori infection, and Jimmy and I were engaged. I graduated from Penn State in 2014 with a degree in journalism. 

Jimmy and I got married, bought a house, I worked as a household manager and pet sat, began working for my family’s real estate brokerage, and were blessed with our daughter, Sadie!

We’ve gardened our little hearts out and served alongside our church family.

Throughout the years we’ve had quite a few pets: Lola, Ford and Scout, Malcolm, Mavis, and Niva. We did a lot of therapy dog training with Mavis, which was an experience I really enjoyed.

Animals have been such a huge part of my life and blog and I’m continually trying to convince Jimmy to allow me to have a bunch more cats and dogs 🙂

Husky and toddler laying on bed

I have shared about my faith in God, my favorite recipes, books I’ve read, my journey as a new mom, and my everyday life here in Pittsburgh.

The landscape of blogging has changed so much over the past ten years. A lot of people may say blogging is old-school and defunct in the age of Instagram and Facebook, but I don’t care. I love this space.

I have made some incredible friends from around the world over the past ten years and I owe that to this little corner of the internet. The little blogging community here is so special to me. There have been fun posts, happy posts, hard posts, and everything in-between.

Family picture of mom and dad and toddler taking a selfie

Whether you’ve been connecting with me for the past ten years or this is your first time visiting my blog, thank you for reading! I’m looking forward to the future here at Living My Full Life!

Sadie at Two Years Old

We’ve got a two-year-old on our hands! Here’s what’s up with Sader Tot at age two.

Toddler eating snacks in bathing suit

Growth Sadie girl is 25 pounds (28th percentile) and 34 inches (64th percentile).

Wearing Mostly 2T clothes and size 7 shoes (her feet are big like mine, lol).

Personality Happy-go-lucky, cheerful, independent, and shy with strangers.

Toddler on Jeanette's Pier in Nags Head

Eating She nurses about four times a day and is a light eater with solids. She likes mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, chicken nuggets, yogurt, eggs with cheese, croutons, and smoothies.

Nicknames Sader Tot, Tot, and TT.

Sleeping Lately she’s been going down around 8 PM and getting up at 7 AM. She generally takes a nap after lunch for an hour or two.

Toddler at restaurant

Looks Like A mix of Jimmy and me and sometimes a bit like my brother when he was a toddler!

New Skills Sadie has been talking so much lately! It’s like language has started to click for her and she puts words together to make sentences and repeats new words we teach her. We started working on potty training and she was doing fairly well, but I think it was just too early so we are going to hold off for a little longer.

She’s great at feeding herself with utensils, goes up and down stairs well, and can wash herself in the bath. She started homeschool and has been learning colors. She knows a lot of sign language, too!

Likes School, stickers, balloons, our pets, her grandparents, wearing bathing suits, being chased, going to parks and playgrounds, reading, watching Clifford, picking out clothes to wear, putting on shoes, playing with baby dolls, puzzles, and play doh.

Mom and toddler smiling

Dislikes Getting in her carseat, being put in a stroller, having her diaper changed, being told no.

Favorite Products Reusable stickers, disposable placemats, fine-motor hedgehog, sippy cups, flashcards, arts and crafts book, hand sanitizer, potty, reusable water activity pad, and Biscuit books.

Notes She has a nasolacrimal duct obstruction which makes her eye look glassy and glazed over but doesn’t bother her otherwise. I also think she is getting her two year molars and they are a doozy, lol.

I can’t believe Sadie is two! At the same time, I can hardly remember life before Sader Tot. I’m so blessed to call her my daughter ❤

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