Currently: July 2020

How is it July already?! I kind of feel like it’s still March. Anyone else feel that way? Regardless, it’s July and I am loving summer! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life with a few affiliate links included!

Dogwood tree with sun shining through branches

Current books Just finished up Simple Pleasures and now I’m onto this memoir. Sadie has been loving the crafts from this book and learning about colors in this lift-a-flap book. Jimmy and I are still reading our Couple’s Devotional and The Purpose Driven Life together as well!

Current food Baked beans have been extra delicious lately. Something about summer makes me crave ’em.

Current toddler product Sadie has had this little trampoline for a while, but we brought it outside for the first time and it was like a whole new toy, haha. 

Little Tikes trampoline

Current drink Starbucks coffee. Jimmy bought me the Komodo dragon beans for my birthday and we have been loving our morning cup even more than usual. 

Current baked good Cowboy cookies! I had never made them until recently and now I’m hooked. I have to have one every day 🙂

Current pet product Niva is still blowing her coat like nobody’s business, and this brush has been helpful!

Black and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes sitting in grass

Current joy Sadie growing up and understanding more and more. It’s really neat to talk to her and she understands what we’re saying. 

Current blessing Spending time with family ❤

Current project Our back patio renovation is still trucking along thanks to Jimmy’s hard work! He added some plants and fresh mulch and rocks yesterday.

Back porch with landscaping, rocks, and mulch and steel mesh railing

Current fun Making a scrapbook from our camping trip pictures. I thought about making an album online and having it printed, but that takes all the fun out of it for me. I love figuring out layouts, picking stickers, and using colored paper. 

Current cuteness We had a cookout yesterday and my cousin from New York was visiting and brought her daughter. We took pictures of my niece, Sadie, and my cousin’s daughter and they are too sweet!

Toddlers and baby sitting on porch step in red white and blue outfits

Tell me something current from your life!

Currently: June 2020

It’s June! Definitely one of my favorite months. From the weather to gardening, to celebrating mine and Jimmy’s wedding anniversary, it’s just a wonderful time of year. Here’s what’s currently going on in my life this month, with a few affiliate links included!


Current books Just finished A Midwife’s Story by Penny Armstrong and now I’m onto this memoir and enjoying it a whole bunch.

Current joy I harvested arugula and micro greens from our garden on May 31st and planted a jalapeño plant in a pot. Hoping to preserve jalapeños again this summer.

Current blessing Church family that’s also family. My cousin-in-law Katie (who is a mom of five!) answered my endless questions about child discipline the other day and is always such an encouragement to me.

Current cuteness Sadie wearing a watermelon romper while holding her stuffed husky that was my sister’s while she was a child.

Toddler in watermelon romper with husky stuffed animal

Currently looking forward to Reuniting with our church family later this month!

Current food Teddy grahams. They have just been hitting the spot lately 🙂

Current fun Continuing to learn sign language with Sadie. I feel like it has opened up so much communication for us and we both enjoy it.

Current baked good Apple pie!

Apple pie with stars and hearts

Current obsession Having fires in our fire pit with Jimmy after Sadie goes to bed.

Current prayer The United States and all the riots that have been happening throughout the country.

Current toddler product Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Pad. Sadie has so much fun making different scenes with all the stickers, and I love that she can use it again and again. I also love the price 😉

Current pet product Niva is blowing her coat, so I got these gloves for brushing her and they have been amazing! They work well on Malcolm, too!

Dog shedding gloves product

What’s currently going on in your life this month?