Currently: November 2018

It’s November! I’m really looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving this month. The weather is becoming cooler here in Pittsburgh and the fall foliage is absolutely gorgeous!

Here’s what’s currently going on in my life 🙂

Current book(s) Still this one and also this one.

Current fun My parents, Jimmy, Sadie and I are taking a day trip to West Virginia!

Current project Redecorating our living room, and by redecorating I mean randomly moving objects, pictures, and decor to different spots. Trying to keep things fresh while using what we have!

Blue and gray hexagon geometrical watercolor art framed

Current prayer For everyone impacted by the shooting that recently happened at a synagogue here in Pittsburgh.

Current drink I’m on a smoothie kick lately. Nursing Sadie makes me crazy thirsty, so smoothies have been especially satisfying! Also, this tea from time to time.

Current blessing Smiles from Sadie! I cried the first time she smiled at me. It made every tough moment of her first few weeks so worth it.

Current excitement My sister and her husband are expecting! I’m so happy for them and can’t wait for Sadie to meet her cousin in a few months!

Current food Apple cider pork chops. I was feeling fall-ish and decided to marinate pork chops in apple cider vinegar, mustard, onion, and spices like sage and cinnamon. I then baked them on a bed of sliced apples. So good. Would anyone want the recipe?

Current obsession Bread! When I slept over my parents’ house, they had both rye and pumpernickel bread on hand and now I’m hooked. I took some pumpernickel home and have been enjoying it with runny eggs on top.

Current beauty product I need to pick up this curl cream because I’m all out!

Current laugh All the nicknames we have for Sadie. I started calling her Sader Tot before she was born, and now we’ve even shortened it to Tot. Among many others are Darth Sader and Hungry Chick.

Current confession Jimmy sent me to Walmart the other night because Sadie was having a fussy evening that resulted in both of us girls crying. What did I buy at Walmart? A shirt for Sadie.

Current goal Taking some time to watercolor. I miss it a whole bunch!

Current need A haircut. I haven’t had it cut since February. Postpartum hair loss is real! I’m tempted to do something drastic, but I don’t have the time or desire to keep up with styling a high maintenance cut, lol. Any ideas?!

Tell me something current in your life!


Currently: September 2018

September is here. It’s crazy to think it’s already the ninth month of 2018! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life.

Summer morning with trees and sunshine

Current book Still slowly working my way through Grace, Not Perfection by Emily Ley and loving it. Also spending lots of time in the New Testament in my Bible!

Current song Control (Somehow You Want Me) by Tenth Avenue North. Pretty sure I could just play this on repeat for hours.

Current excitement Mavis has been doing really well with being held and having her paws touched lately! Her groomer said she has improved a lot with the paw touching and one of my pet sitting clients held her while sitting on the ground and touched her paws. What a difference from this time last year!

Girl holding American cocker spaniel

Current food I’ve been loving sloppy joes lately. I usually make them with ground beef or turkey, but recently marinated chicken in the sauce overnight and cooked it up for something new and different and it was great. I’ve also been eating lots of roasted pork loin with balsamic vinegar, garlic, and rosemary. I need to share that recipe soon!

Current confession Jimmy and I still need to order a bassinet for our little gal. I don’t know how we kept putting this off?! Does anyone know of any good brands? Parents: did you use a bassinet, or did your child sleep in their crib from the get go?

Current drink Still enjoying occasional Starbucks vanilla lattes. That foam!

Starbucks vanilla latte with foam

Current blessing Making it to full term in this pregnancy. God is so good. We’re continually thanking Him for the blessing of this sweet baby girl and praying He will bring her safely to into our arms later this month!

Current baked good I just made pumpkin brownies last night and they were wonderful! I’m definitely in the fall baking mood lately.

Current beauty product Butter London nail polish. I think the jewel tone of this polish is perfect for September! Also, I have no idea what Mavis is doing in the background of the picture?!

Butter London Queen Vic nail polish

Current obsession Wax melts and all things scented! I have wax warmers going in our house at all times when we’re home and have been loving fall or food-scented wax melts. I also put a Yankee Candle car jar in my truck in the lemon lavender scent and it makes driving so enjoyable 🙂

Current project I’m baking a cake on Saturday for my mother-in-law’s birthday party. I’m thinking I’ll do a strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream! Can’t wait. Maybe I’ll even decorate it with rosettes or sprinkles!

Current fun Spending as much time as possible with Jimmy. It doesn’t matter what we do, I just adore being with him.

Husband and wife smiling

Current procrastination Cleaning our shower and tub. I clean our bathroom all the time, but I always put off scrubbing the shower and tub for some reason, lol.

Current app Bible Lens. It’s an app that creates graphics with Bible verses on them from pictures on your phone. It has been a fun new way for me to connect with God’s Word!

Tell me something current in your life!