Currently: February 2019

Well, here we are. It’s the second month of 2019. February has been treating us well so far. Pittsburgh has had some warm weather and sunshine the past few days, which has been absolutely lovely!

Family with baby girl

Here’s what’s currently going on in my life!

Current book Just finished this, which was really gripping. I picked up this political-based book and this medical memoir and can’t decide which to start first! I’ve also been reading all about about soup and cookies. A great combo, lol.

Current joy When Sadie wakes up and realizes who I am. She gets the biggest smile on her face and it makes me so happy.

Current food Rye bread. I just love that sharp, almost licorice-y flavor.

Pepperidge Farm Seedless Jewish Rye Bread

Current laugh I recently fed Sadie right before Jimmy and I walked into church and forgot to pull the flap of my nursing shirt back down and totally walked into church with my bra showing LOL.

Current blessing Jimmy and I bought a family car! We were using his truck as our family vehicle, and Jimmy was taking my two seat truck to work, but it was tough to get in and out of his two-door truck with Sadie’s carseat. Now we have a five person SUV!

Current beauty product Clear coat nail polish. I haven’t had much time to full-on paint my nails, but just adding a clear coat makes them look a little more put together 🙂

Current cuteness Sadie and her cousin Hunter! They spend a lot of time together in the church nursery, and I’m really excited to see them interact more as they grow up together.

Babies laying together

Current song Known by Tauren Wells.

Current baked good The best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever baked. Up next, I’m thinking I need to make graham cracker chocolate chip cookies because Maureen mentioned them and now I must. bake. them.

Current drink Going out for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. It has felt so necessary to have the extra caffeine with Sadie’s sleeping habits lately, haha.

Current indulgence Pet sitting! Doing things I did pre-Sadie feels so indulgent, lol. My mother-in-law and her fiancé baby sat Sadie and I was able to pet sit one of my long-time clients. I’ve also taken Sadie pet sitting with me a few times, which has been a lot of fun.

Walking chocolate lab in Pittsburgh PA

Current goal I’ve been wanting to paint the drawers on a hutch in our living room for a long time. I have the paint, I just need to make it happen.

Current excitement Jimmy and I are having his siblings and their significant others over on Valentine’s Day for a special dinner. I just need to decide what to make! Any ideas?!

Current craving A date night with Jimmy.

Current fun Taking Sadie to the library. I know this is only going to become more and more fun as she grows up, too! I just found out our local library is having a “babies and books” day a few times each month starting in March. Can’t wait!

Mom and baby at library

Current obsession Researching topics for a Bible study I’d like to create.

Current need Absolutely nothing! I have been so blessed.

Tell me something current from your life!


Currently: January 2019

Happy New Year! Last year was a big, life changing year for us; we welcomed our sweet Sadie Mae! I’m excited to see what God has in store for 2019.

Young couple family picture with baby girl at Topgolf Pittsburgh

Current book Just started this, which is a TV series as well. I’m sure Jimmy would looove to watch it with me 😉

Current goal To find some sort of routine with work. Because I work from home and have Sadie with me all day, I fit in bits and pieces of work throughout the day, but I’d love to figure out a way to get some solid back-to-back hours in.

Current cuteness Hannah’s bump! She’s 21 weeks with baby Caroline!

Pregnant girl with golden retriever 21 weeks

Current food Pork chops. Jimmy and I grilled two types of pork chops using hickory wood chips and a smoker box for dinner the other night and they were great!

Current beauty product I recently picked up this mist and it’s lovely.

Current joy Seeing my family with Sadie. My dad came over and hung out with Sadie while I went to the grocery store. It was a treat for each of us in different ways. I got some alone time (and got the grocery shopping done, lol), my dad got Sadie time, and Sadie took a lovely nap on her grandpa’s chest! Win-win-win.

Grandpa and granddaughter baby

Current baked good Lemon raspberry thumbprint cookies. Still want to bake bread soon!

Current blessing Our church family. It’s an amazing thing to do life with the people in our church ❤

Current obsession Still going strong on matching outfits with Sadie!

Mom and baby matching outfits from Old Navy

Current craving I really want to go bowling and skiing this winter.

Current indulgence Just getting out. I feel so much more human-like when I make an effort to get out and do something each day. Sadie and I visited the library last week and it was so much fun!

Baby reading book at library

Current need Still in need of a good haircut. I’m thinking I need to go on Pinterest to look at hairstyles because postpartum hair is tricky. Plus, Sadie now pulls my hair… maybe it’s time for a mom cut, haha.

Current laugh I tried to use our waffle iron as a panini press for a tuna sandwich. Nope. Not trying that again!

Tuna sandwich panini in waffle iron

Current excitement My brother and his wife just found out they’re having a baby girl!

Current mood Content 🙂

Current fun Topgolf! Have you heard of it? It’s a really cool driving range experience and one of the chains recently opened in Pittsburgh. Jimmy, Sadie, and I went one Saturday morning and had such a great time. We also had my family go on New Year’s Day and they loved it as well. You can see my amazing (LOL) golf skills in the vlog below.

Tell me something current from your life!