Thrift shopping

First Mow, Happy Moments, and a Vlog

We mowed our lawn for the first time this season and it felt wonderful! Even more wonderful? I didn’t fracture my hand in the process ­čśë

We packed in so many happy moments since I last posted just a few days ago!

Toddler girls on changing table like bunk beds

Updates, Thrifting, and Spring

Spring and daylight saving time are upon us! I’m currently outside while working on this post because it’s a glorious 70 degrees in Pittsburgh at the moment.┬áSince it’s beginning to warm up, Sadie and I recently hit up the thrift store together to see if we could piece together a spring wardrobe for her so she’s not stuck in pants when it’s 70 degrees.

She carried a hula hoop that she found all around Goodwill while I searched through bins of clothes and I couldn’t say no to her. She was so patient and the hula hoop cost 12 cents, haha!

Toddler carrying hula hoop (more…)