Mary Kay

Currently: November 2021

I was thinking about my next currently post the other day and was like oh man… November is coming up really fast! Well, here we are in November. We have the last two months of 2021 ahead of us and I’m excited!

November is such a festive time–I love Thanksgiving, decorating for Christmas, how cozy it is to light a candle and snuggle, and that extra hour of sleep for daylight savings time 😉

Husband and wife snuggling on couch with husky and cat
Enjoying some cuddles with Jimmy while Malcolm lays on my chest and Niva keeps our feet warm!

Here’s what’s current in my life this month. Feel free to join in and tell me what’s current for you in the comments. I love hearing what’s going on with you guys!


Five Small Businesses I’m Loving

I absolutely love supporting small businesses. Ever since opening my Etsy shop, I’m even more obsessed with shopping small. If there’s something I need, I try to find it locally, handmade, on Etsy, etc. instead of via a “big box” store.

I want to regularly share small businesses that I have personally bought items from and adore! If you have a small business that you enjoy, please share a link in the comments! I’m always looking for someone to support and I’ll try and gather recommendations in one post or page soon 😊

Five Small Businesses I’m Loving

DebianThreads This is an Etsy shop with a unique collection of handmade bags and other sewed items, many of which are crafted from limited materials and re-purposed finds.

Each piece is like functional artwork, with mixed patterns, colors, and textures. I have a purse and essential oil travel case from this shop and both are high quality and so useful!

Essential oil travel case from Etsy