Currently: October 2021

Hello and welcome to October! It’s hard to believe it’s the tenth month of 2021 already, but here we are!

Pumpkin tea light candle holder from Yankee Candle

This is usually the month that the weather becomes more fall-ish here in Pittsburgh and there are so many fun festivals and activities going on. Here’s what’s current in my life this month.

Current books I just started Preaching The Gospel To Yourself and Sadie is enjoying fall-themed books like this and this!

Current mood Nervous. I’m making a wedding cake this week and it’s only my second time making one. It always shocks me that people trust me with things like this 😂

Current cuteness I brought Sadie to TJMaxx with me and was looking at something. I turned around and found her making herself at home among the furniture.

Toddler girl sitting on couch in TJMaxx

Current indulgence Watching the LuLaRich documentary. The LuLaRoe clothing brand was huge a few years ago, and I knew a few people who sold it. I bought some leggings, a shirt, and dress and actually still have them all and enjoy wearing them. If you are familiar with the brand at all, the documentary will probably be interesting to you.

Current need A haircut! My hair has been growing, but the ends are in need of a trim. I trimmed them myself the other day, but it’s not the same as a professional doing it, you know?

Current blessing Awesome neighbors. I asked our neighbors, a retired couple, if they could watch Sadie while I went to the dentist earlier this week and they immediately said yes and started planning all sorts of fun things to do with her. It’s such a blessing to have people around us that we trust and are so willing to help out!

Current beauty product I just picked up a charcoal-colored nail polish and I’m so excited to try it out 💅

Pacifica Plantmagic 16 free nail polish

Current goal Going through Sadie’s summer clothes and seeing what might fit her in the spring and boxing up the rest for a future sibling or cousin to wear.

Current obsession Candles. The little candle holder at the top of this post makes me so happy every time I see it! I put some of these in it every evening and our house smells so wonderful and cozy.

Current craving Taking Sadie on a trip to Cabela’s (an outdoor supply store in West Virginia) with Jimmy!

Current laugh My mom sent this picture to our family and was like “Well, that’s where all the bird seed is going…” and her hosta plants 😂

Deer coming up to window at a house in Pittsburgh to eat plants and bird seed

Current food I made my homemade sloppy joes recipe for dinner the other day and they hit the spot 👌🏻 Also, this and this together with milk = fall food perfection!

Current baked good I found cookies in our freezer the other day and I literally don’t remember baking them!? They taste like gingersnaps with chocolate chips in them and they’re really good. I keep thanking past Allie for baking those and stashing them in the freezer for present Allie to enjoy ☺️

Current prayer My mother-in-law, her fiancé, and his kids all have COVID and have been really sick 🥺 We brought them a care package the other evening and talked for a bit (from a distance, lol) and they sounded awful. Pray they feel better soon 🙏🏻

Current drink Still loving our Nespresso machine and these pods for it. Every time we have family and friends over, I try to convert at least one or two people to the dark side 😉

Nespresso vertuo coffee in mug

A look back:

What’s current in your life this month?



  1. I’m honestly looking forward to come cooler weather, and for duties for our company to slow down a bit. It’s been super stressful lately, but hopefully we are on the upswing of things!
    I have started the book ‘girl unbroken’ and can’t wait to get through the whole thing. It truly makes me appreciate my life and childhood reading about such a broken & crazy family.
    Looking forward to some fun times with my beautiful grandchildren, and hoping to start some Christmas shopping soon ♥️

  2. A Very Thankful Prayer! It’s such a good one! 🙂

    Ooh a wedding cake! I know it’s going to look amazing! You are so talented, friend! I’m not surprised at all that people ask you to do things like this for them!

    Oh my goodness! Those deer!! I can’t believe how close they are to the house, just staring in the window. That’s kind of amazing. I mean, not amazing for the plants, but cool to see them up close!

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your MIL & her family! Just said a prayer for them. ❤

    1. Yes it is! I think you recommended it to us and I’m so thankful! You truly have SO many great recommendations since you’re about a year ahead of us!

      Thank you for praying for my MIL and her family! They are all back to normal!!

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