Pinecones and a Dog Bone

What do pinecones and dog bones have in common? Nothing really, except the fact that Sadie nibbled on both on Saturday.

Dog and toddler chewing on bones

Sader Tot is obsessed with anything that belongs to Niva including her water dish, food, and bones. It’s a good thing Niva is great at sharing.

As for the pinecones, we did some crafting! Jimmy went to a leaf raking service project at our church and brought home some pinecones thinking I would want to craft with them. He knows me well 🙂

Mom and daughter making bird feeders with pinecones

We tied twine around the pinecones, covered them with peanut butter, and rolled them in bird seed. It was definitely messy–I’m pretty sure I’ll be cleaning a mixture of bird seed and peanut butter off of every kitchen surface for a few weeks–but a ton of fun!

We plan on hanging them soon and I’m super excited to see what Sadie thinks when she sees a bird eating from her little homemade bird feeder. It worked out well, too, because she’s learning about birds and fall this week in school! 

Toddler pine cone craft

Toddler pinecone craft

Other fun over the weekend included a trip to Starbucks with my girls. Mama got a (much needed) coffee, Sadie got a chocolate milk, and Niva got a fun car ride. It was a win for all of us. 

Husky and toddler sitting in car together

Okay, I’m going to sign off now. I have no brain power left. We’re still going through the whole sleep/nap strike thing over here and my eyes are already heavy at 5:35 pm. 

Tell me about your weekend!

If It Works…

I’m learning that parenting is often about finding creative solutions. Have a cranky toddler? Try playing with canned goods. It’s a lot more fun than playing with toys. 

Toddler playing with canned goods

Did your child decide to skip their nap yesterday (and the day before… and the day before…)?

Let them fall asleep at 4:00 pm on their dad’s chest. It’s super cute and might remind you of the newborn days 🙂

Dad with toddler sleeping on his chest

Did your child wake up way too early this morning? Bundle up and take a walk at 7:00 am!

You won’t get too many strange looks and you’ll get some fresh air.

Toddler taking a walk

Did your toddler decide she didn’t want to nap again today? Try climbing in the crib with her. Then you both get to snooze!

Mom sleeping in crib with toddler

What’s the last creative solution you came up with?