Pittsburgh PA

March Family Night: Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show

We had a fun family night for the month of March–we went to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show and it did not disappoint! My parents even met up with us to join in on the fun.

Grandparents holding grandson and granddaughter

It’s typically a really busy event at the convention center downtown, so we chose to go on a Monday night to avoid the weekend crowds. It has over 1,500 exhibits spread out over ten acres for all things home and garden along with food and pet items, too.  (more…)


10 (More) Things I Never Thought I’d Do

Back in 2016, I wrote a post titled 10 Things I Never Thought I’d Do. I randomly came across it and decided I needed to add 10 more things I never thought I’d do since it has been several years since I wrote that post.

In 2016, I was fresh out of college, newly married, and childless. A lot has changed, so here are ten more things I never thought I’d do!

Airplane window on Breeze Airways flight (more…)