Eight Things

Happy Friday! I’m sharing eight very random things I’m thinking about today.

1. The never ending quest for the perfect water bottle.

Does anyone else have this struggle?! For years, I used the Thermos Intak water bottle on and off since 2011 (<—that post is hilariously embarrassing). I constantly dropped them and they would break. I must have gone through literally ten of those over the past few years. The other struggle was that they didn’t keep hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold and they sweat. I’ve also tried a few other brands but wasn’t impressed.

Jimmy suggested I try Hydro Flask since he has a water bottle by the brand and likes it a lot. I ordered one that’s technically for coffee, but I needed something I could open with one hand and also throw in Sadie’s diaper bag without worrying about spills. So far, I’m loving it! Sorry for getting way too in depth about water bottles 😉

2. Passing on maternity clothes.

My sister’s bump is starting to show, so I gave her one of my maternity shirts and she looks beautiful in it! I cannot wait to meet my niece or nephew in May!

3. Hematologist appointment. I go back to the hematologist on Wednesday. I’m curious to see what my hemoglobin levels will be. I’m already scheduled for an iron infusion but I’m hoping and praying I won’t need one. Totally wishful thinking, but you never know!

4. Planning a staycation. Just like last year, Jimmy has a few vacation days left, so we’re planning a staycation and I. Can’t. Wait.

5. Loaded baked potatoes.

My sister and her husband came to visit us (or let’s be real, they came to see Sadie) last weekend and we made a loaded baked potato bar for dinner. I cooked beef with chopped jalapeños as a topping and they were divine. I’m having a moment with jalapeños, lol.

6. Selling a Christmas tree farm.

Working for my family’s real estate brokerage is so interesting. We help people sell some amazing properties. Right now, we have a Christmas tree farm listed! If anyone in the Pittsburgh area is looking to buy a 68 acre Christmas tree farm, let me know 😉

7. Books. I finally finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Any recommendations for what to read next? I’m thinking I need some fiction in my life.

8. Vlogging.

I’m digging’ it lately. The latest one features Malcolm full-on play-attacking Mavis. He’s ruthless I tell ya!

What have you been thinking about lately?

Being A Foodie + Gifts For My Sister-In-Law

First of all, thank you so much if you commented on my last post! I am going to be replying to comments over the next few days, but I was just blown away by everyone’s advice and encouragement on sharing info about our pregnancy. I love blogging not only because it’s like a digital journal, but for the friendships I’ve made with blogging friends and readers over the years. It’s just very special, you know?

Okay, so I actually have pictures of food! I used to blog about food all. the. time., but I think I developed interests in other things over the years like dogs, gardening, photography, and …. dogs and started blogging about those things more than just food and cooking 24/7. Okay, I’m rambling. Here are some things I’ve cooked, ate, or drank lately.

Chettinad chicken masala

Chettinad chicken masala from this cookbook. I have to admit, I was so intimidated when I started looking through the cookbook since it’s really authentically Indian and kind of felt like reading a different language, but I’m glad I tried this recipe! Do you like Indian food?

Chocolate peanut butter oatmeal with banana

I’m totally cringing at the lighting of this picture, but it’s too delicious not to share. I cooked oatmeal with a banana (and saved a few slices for topping) and cocoa powder, then drizzled it with peanut butter and topped it with banana slices. Jimmy and I call it my gourmet oatmeal 🙂

Iced vanilla latte from Sheetz

A decaf iced vanilla latte from Sheetz. I think Sheetz is only in a few states on the east coast, but it’s a gas station with pretty decent made-to-order food and drinks! My only gripe with Sheetz is that the above coffee is a medium and seemed so small compared to the medium Dunkin’ Donuts latte I shared in my last post, haha.

Stuffed Peppers

Alright, last food related thing! My sister texted me last night to tell me she made the stuffed pepper recipe from my blog and it made my day.

Now onto gifts for my sister-in-law! I think I mentioned I was on the hunt for gifts for her birthday a few posts back. Her birthday is now less than a week away, so I’m tying up loose ends and putting finishing touches on her gifts. I’m 99% sure she doesn’t read my blog, so I think it’s safe to share pictures 😉

Cat necklace with initials in rose gold from Etsy

I bought her this personalized cat necklace on Etsy and think it’s absolutely adorable. It’s from the shop Lovassion and each cat has an initial on it that stands for each of her and my brother’s cats. The one on the left has an “S” for Simba and the one on the right has a “G” for Gemma.

I also ordered her this sign and bought her this body scrub from Bath and Body Works.

Coffee bean body scrub from Bath and Body Works and All you need is love and a golden retriever sign from Amazon Primitives By Kathy

As you can probably guess, she loves cats, dogs, and coffee! I’ll probably be on the lookout for a few other things this weekend. Maybe some good coffee or her favorite candy?

As if this post wasn’t long enough, I have one last thing to share. A vlog! I filmed it yesterday. I showed the cooking process for the Indian chicken, Jimmy and I met our birth doula (!), it snowed in Pittsburgh, and much more. I’m just having so much fun with these 🙂

What are you doing this weekend?
What’s the best thing you’ve cooked or ate lately?