Sadie at Eight Months

I’m here with Sadie’s eight month update! Here’s what’s going on with Sader Tot this month πŸ™‚

Baby in yellow gingham romper

Growth We haven’t been to the pediatrician to have her measured, but I’d guess she’s around 16 pounds and 27 inches tall.

Wearing Six and nine month clothes and size three diapers. We switched to Pampers Baby Dry diapers for overnight and yay for no more leaks and washing sheets every single day!

Personality Sadie is so silly and fun-loving! She’s always happy to do whatever I’m doing and goes with the flow of our little family.

Dad holding baby and laughing

Eating Still mostly breastmilk! I need to do better about feeding her solids more often. I was super pumped about it when she turned six months, then I realized how much work it is.

When I first started nursing Sadie and we struggled with so many issues, I couldn’t wait to start solids. Now I’m like can I just nurse her till she’s 16?

Nicknames Sader Tot, Tot, Totling, Tottle Berry, Todd, Toddy, and Mini Jimmy.

Sleeping Sadie slept through the night once recently and it was glorious! It hasn’t happened since, but I’m holding out hope for the future lol. She goes to bed between 7:00 and 8:00 pm and is up a few times in the night, and then up for the day between 6:00 and 7:00 am.

Naps are all over the place, but she usually takes three in a day ranging from 30 minutes to an hour. Also, she sleeps with her little bum in the air.

Baby girl sleeping in crib with butt in the air

Looks Like Mostly her dad, but maybe me a little bit πŸ™‚

New Skills Sadie has been crawling! She would rather stand than crawl, but she does crawl when she wants something badly enough. She babbles va-va-va now and definitely knows her name.

Likes Being in my arms, standing, trying to walk, our pets, being outside, swimming, going on walks, swings, sitting in shopping carts, her grandparents, and other kids and babies.

Grandma holding two baby girls

Dislikes Being changed and being put in her carseat.Β She arches her back, cries, and tries to wiggle away.Β Do any fellow parts have tips?!

Favorite Products Banana toothbrush, Pampers Baby Dry diapers, Shake and Sort Cupcakes, Little Green Frog book, Baby Ball Pit, Teething necklace, Stacking Rings, Baby Piano, and Bath Book.

Other Notes Sadie went swimming for the first time and loved it. We also discovered that she adores having her nose suctioned with the bulb syringe. We crack up almost as hard as she does over that!

Baby girl smiling

I think that about wraps it up for month eight. Sadie is such a joy and becoming more fun each and every day! We’re so thankful for the blessing of being her parents ❀


Currently: June 2019

It’s June! How are we halfway through 2019?! We have an exciting month on deck with anniversaries, birthdays, family time, and church events this month. Here’s whats currently going on in my life πŸ™‚

Current book The Bible! I’m really loving Psalm 18. I feel like I could just read it over and over again. Sadie is enjoying Where’s the Dog? and Babies Love Animals.

Current fun Hannah and Josh came over with Caroline yesterday and we had a cookout! It was great to just catch up and have some time with the new parents and our sweet niece. We grilled shish kebabs and decided they’re delicious but also way too much work, lol.

Dinner of shish kebabs

Current app Homegrown by Bonnie Plants. I’m able to use this app to track our garden, learn about harvesting what we planted, and how to protect our seedlings from common issues like pests.

Current tv show Shark Tank. Jimmy was getting sick of my obsession with real estate shows, so we’ve switched to Shark Tank. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. I get so nervous for the people who are presenting their products! I literally sit on the couch wringing my hands and sweating.

Current blessing Experiencing parenthood with my siblings. It’s neat to be able to be in the same stage of life and see our kids together.

Sisters with baby girls

Current joy I graduated from the hematologist! If anyone is new here, I’ll explain. When I was pregnant with Sadie, I became dangerously anemic and had to have something like eight iron infusions during and after pregnancy to get my hemoglobin back in a safe range. I visited the hematologist for blood work yesterday and my hemoglobin levels were normal! No more iron infusions… until any future pregnancies most likely, lol.

Current food Corn on the cob. Can’t get enough if it!

Current baked good Challah. Finally! I’ve been wanting to make it for months and finally did on a recent rainy day. It was so cozy to hear the rain coming down as I kneaded and braided the dough.

Challah bread

Current obsession Checking on the garden and being outside as much as possible.

Current baby product Hide and Squeak Eggs. These eggs are basically what allow Jimmy and I to eat dinner without holding a fussy baby. We set the table and get our plates ready and set her up on the kitchen floor with her eggs and they keep her busy while we quickly eat, lol.

Current goal Getting out and doing fun things with Sadie as much as possible. We visited the library this week and had a blast playing and reading together.

Baby playing with soft blocks

Current excitement Researching a new career opportunity. I’ve had some encouragement from loved ones in this area who believe in me and my passions and I just might go for it. Sorry for being so vague. I’ll probably post more about it soon if things pan out πŸ™‚

Tell me something current in your life!