Wild Timing

What. A. Weekend. I did not evade the tummy bug, but I got all of my baking done for Jimmy’s cousin’s wedding! My biggest prayer all week was not to get the wedding party sick (we all go to church together), to be able to complete all the baking, and for Jimmy to DJ at the wedding and not be sick.

Thankfully, everything came together in God’s perfect timing 🙏 

13 dozen cupcakes and wedding cake in the back of a car before wedding

I finished up the 13 dozen cupcakes and three layer wedding cake on Friday afternoon (with lots and lots of double hand washing and sanitizing!!) and then fell sick that night. I had a high fever and ended up calling the midwives who told me to go to the emergency room if it didn’t come down. With a bit of Tylenol and rest, it came down a little and I was so glad to avoid a hospital visit!

I was out for the count on Saturday but had to peel myself off the couch to deliver the baked goods to the venue and decorate the cake with fresh flowers from the florist. 

Simple wedding cake with fresh flowers

Just before leaving to deliver everything to the venue, guess who slipped out of our front door… Niva!!! She had a fun little joy run around the neighborhood while we frantically looked for her. Just as we were about to give up and head out because we were going to be late, she just… showed up. Our dog is going to give me a heart attack!!

Being pregnant while sick and having to to something important was tough but I toughed it out, came home, and crashed. Lots of laying around and sleeping were all I could manage. Jimmy and Sadie had a lovely time at the wedding and his DJ gig went well! 

I was sent lots of beautiful pictures and videos and loved seeing all the festivities and everyone having such a nice time 💜 

Young girl in blue polka dot dress at wedding

Sadie in a thrifted dress she picked out for the special evening!

Husband and wife with girls on a tractor

My sister, her husband, their daughter, and Sadie riding on a tractor!

Bride and groom cutting cake

The bride and groom cutting the cake 💜

I so wish I could have been there. I was really looking forward to this wedding! I did not want to spread any germs to anyone and there was just no way I could have got off the couch 😂 

I was sent all of the above pictures by my family and this was what I sent back…

Girl laying on couch sick with stomach virus

Yep, I was not going anywhere. The good thing was that I had full reign of the tv! That basically never happens because if we have the tv on, it’s usually playing Sonic the Hedgehog so Sadie will sit still while I take a nap 😂 

I used my tv time to watch some shark-themed shows! I learned how aggressive bull sharks are and vowed to never canoe in the ocean after watching Jaws vs. Boats. Shark Week officially begins July 24th and I am excited 😬 Maybe I’ll bake another challah shark?!

Jaws vs Boats on Discovery Channel

It’s Sunday as I type up this post and I was finally able to stomach some coffee, so that’s a win! I’m just resting up and thanking God that everything worked out this weekend!

When was the last time you had a big obligation and fell sick?

Do you like watching shows about sharks?



  1. Oh, Girl, I’m sooooo sorry you were sick!!
    Two years ago, I was asked to make cupcakes for my pastor’s birthday, and I came down with a nasty case of bronchitis that week. I ended up ordering cupcakes from a nice bakery and having Nate deliver them for me. Ha, ha. I was coughing SO badly, there was no way I could make the cupcakes. But I felt SO bad and disappointed that I couldn’t keep my commitment.
    I’m glad you were able to be home afterward to rest, even though I’m sorry you had to miss the wedding itself!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! I am so sorry about the cupcake//bronchitis ordeal you went through! I have heard bronchitis is literally SO painful!! I am giggling about the thought of making cupcakes while coughing like crazy… you were smart to order some from a nice bakery and not pass any sickness on to your pastor, especially for his birthday haha!

      It was a bummer to miss the wedding, but I didn’t want to get anyone sick and I also just could not get off the couch haha. The good thing about stomach bugs (like there’s anything good 🙄) is that they’re pretty short lived!

  2. Way to get it done with be sick and pregnant, amazing!
    Hard to believe you were able to do this cause i had the same bug and was out of it, just slept.

    Love 💕 You!

  3. Oh nooo, I’m sorry you got sick and had to miss the wedding ceremony! But I’m glad that it all worked out with the cupcakes, wedding cake and Niva, that must have been so stressful when she went temporarily missing! I hope you have a quieter week with no sickness. The last obligation I had to miss was my company’s summer party a couple of weeks ago due to falling sick with Covid. But they announced the date for our Christmas party today, so hopefully I’ll be able to go to that one. I love summer though so I’m not wishing the months away haha. As I sit here in the UK heatwave (temps are above 100 F today!), Christmas seems a long way away!

    1. Aww, thank you Grace! I was SO relieved that it worked out with the baking commitment. I was imagining having to order a ton of cupcakes and a cake and trying to navigate all of that. I really didn’t want to disappoint the bride and groom, lol!! Oh and Niva going missing was icing on the cake! Pun intended haha.

      SO sorry you had to miss your company’s summer party! I hope you can make it to the Christmas one… even if it’s super hot our right now haha.

  4. Oh bless you! Being sick at any time is awful, but especially while pregnant and even more so when you have something big on your plate. How rough! I hope you will be feeling much better very soon, friend!

  5. Oh that’s so hard! I’m sorry you were sick and hope you’re feeling better now. It’s hard to be pregnant and sick. Great job getting all the stuff done that you needed to do.

    Coincidentally, we were supposed to drive a couple of hours this morning to spend the day in the mountains at a ranch Ava’s school owns as kind of a summer time field trip, but she woke up with a stomach bug and fever this morning so we had to cancel last minute. She was so sad! Hopefully we can make it next Monday!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I am feeling much better!! I felt like a warrior by the end of that weekend haha.

      I am so sorry Ava fell sick with a stomach bug and fever. It’s the worst seeing your child sick like that. I hope you guys can make it for a fun day in the mountains soon!!

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