Shark Week Bread, S’mores, and Husky Fun

It’s Shark Week, aka one of the best weeks of the year! I don’t know what it is about Shark Week, but I just love it. I’m totally terrified of swimming in the ocean, and even more so after learning about sharks 😂

I had to celebrate all things sharks with bread, obviously. I made a challah shark and filled it with a buttery-cinnamon filling.

Challah bread in the shape of a shark

After it baked and puffed up in the warm oven it looked more like a manatee than a shark, but it sure tasted good!

Challah bread in the shape of a fish

It would have made some amazing french toast, but it didn’t last that long! We had Jimmy’s family over on Monday night to celebrate his sister’s birthday and we all enjoyed the dinner, shark bread, each other’s company, and s’mores.

I think Sadie enjoyed the s’mores the most based off of how messy she was afterwards 😉

Toddler girl eating s'mores

She cleaned up nicely the next day when we went to the post office. The workers there are quickly becoming friends because we’re often there shipping out orders from my shop 😊

Sadie is usually treated to a lollipop and it’s the highlight of our post office outings for her!

Toddler girl in coral dress with pigtails in her hair

We had one of Niva’s friends over for the day this week and had all sorts of husky fun. Sometimes I can’t tell them apart! It’s always nice to get the dogs together and wear them out a bit 😬

Two siberian huskies sitting on floor together

My sister brought her dog and kids over today and we went to a local event, but that’s another post (and vlog!) for another time. I really need to go fold laundry right now 😂

Talk again soon!

Have you ever watched Shark Week?

Are you a fan of swimming in the ocean?



  1. I have somehow never seen any of Shark Week. I know so many people who love it, though! Love that you made themed challah!

  2. What is it about sharks that are SO fascinating?!? I’m right there with you. I remember, even as a kid, I’d rent out so many books about sharks. Ha, ha.
    But I’m the same… Swimming in the ocean terrifies me too, because I always think any shadow is a fin. LOL!
    That challah bread looks AMAZING!!!

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