All of the Books We’ve Been Reading and Loving

I feel like I’m way overdue to discuss books here on the blog! I thought it would be fun to share the books that Jimmy, Sadie, and I have all been reading and enjoying. Hopefully you can find an idea for your next good read 😎

Faith-based, children's, and cookbooks graphic

Faith-Based Books We’re Loving

The Chosen: 40 Days with Jesus Devotional One This is Jimmy’s pick! He finished this devotional about a month or two ago after watching the first two seasons of the TV show The Chosen, which is based on the life of Jesus.

The Chosen: 40 Days with Jesus Devotional Two Jimmy is currently working through this devotional and enjoying it!

Life in His Presence: A Jesus Calling Guided Journal I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this guided journal a few times here on the blog, but it’s just wonderful. Each day has a devotion, scripture references, and questions for reflection. I think this would make a really nice gift for a loved-one or friend, too!

Cookbooks I’m Constantly Using

Rising! The Book of Challah If you’re ~into~ challah baking, this is the cookbook for you. There are so many beautiful ways to braid challah bread (remember the shark week challah?!), and this cookbook is full of information on baking as well as the customs around challah.

Modern Jewish Baker Another cookbook on challah, surprise πŸ˜‚ It also has recipes for babka, bagels, pita bread, and more!

King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion Are you a cookie monster like me? If so, get your hands on this cookbook! It has tons of creative cookie recipes and lots of great baking tips on every page.

Children’s Books Sadie Asks Us To Read 24/7

Near: Psalm 139 There’s a series of Jesus Storybook Bible books including Near, Found, and Loved, which are all based on Psalms and are written in a way that a child can easily understand. They all have such beautiful illustrations, too. Any of the books in the series would be a lovely gift for someone who is expecting or has a young child.

Marigold Bakes a Cake A grumpy cat likes to bake and quite a few things get in his way! This book literally makes Sadie laugh out loud, which makes us laugh when we read it to her. So cute and funny!

Let’s Find Momo Outdoors! This is such a fun book! It’s a lot like I Spy, except at a young child’s level and it was created by a photographer and features his dogs, Momo and Boo. There’s a whole series of these books, so now I need to go down a rabbit hole and find them all because Sadie loves this one 😬

Do you have a favorite cookbook?

If you have children, do they have any books that make them laugh out loud?

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?



  1. I’m so happy that you still enjoy books, as you did as a child! Sadie is definitely the same way- even when I have her in our vehicle, she ALWAYS wants to look at books. I’ve been switching them out lately so she gets to enjoy different ones (many of them are from your childhood!!) I love you!

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