Currently: July 2018

Somehow another month has arrived. Welcome, July! Do you have any exciting plans for this month? We will be doing lots of preparing for our little gal by working on her room (we have it painted!), taking childbirth education classes, having a baby shower, and attending appointments.

Along with that, we also have work, birthday celebrations for loved ones, and all sorts of fun stuff. It’s going to be a good month! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life 🙂

Current book I’m finishing up the book of Genesis and also reading What Falls from the Sky by Esther Emery. It’s a memoir type book about how the author went a year without the internet and found herself more connected with God. I’m finding it absolutely fascinating.

What Falls From the Sky by Ester Emery book

Current confession I totally want to go to the movie theater and see Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. I just love kids movies, and we partially named Mavis after the main character in that movie!

Current experiment I ordered our groceries online from Walmart. We’re picking them up today and I’m super curious to see how the experience goes.

Current baked good Blueberry muffin cookies. They taste like the top of a blueberry muffin (aka the best part!).

Blueberry muffin cookies

Current beauty product This moisturizer. I like that it can be used day, night, or as a mask. Pretty versatile!

Current obsession Home organization. I think I’m nesting, haha. I just bought this organizer and can’t believe the difference it has made in freeing up space in our closet.

Current excitement Jimmy told me to pick out a new kitchen faucet for our anniversary! Our old one was a little leaky, and he knew I had been dreaming of out one with a pull down sprayer. We ended up finding this one at a great price on Amazon and he installed it this week. I have a thoughtful, skilled husband!

Matte black kitchen faucet with pull down sprayer

Current procrastination Calling our vet to schedule Mavis’ spaying procedure. I know I need to just get it done because it reduces her risk of cancer later in life, I’m not ready for an “oops” litter of puppies, and don’t feel like going through the “in heat” experience again in six months, lol.

Current goal To catch up on blog reading. I feel like summer is such a busy time, but I just love knowing what’s going on in my blog friends lives. Hoping to get a jump on that this week!

Current blessing A great week of Vacation Bible School at our church. Hannah and I headed up the kitchen this year, which is always nerve-wracking because we’re feeding somewhere around 60 to 70 people each night. It takes a lot of preparation, but it’s always worth it and a lot of fun to serve in this way.

Vacation Bible School Cake and girls serving food

Current need This sign. It’s too funny and some days I feel like taking it seriously 😉

Current app FreePrints. I am just loving this app! You can upload and print 4×6 photos for free and have them shipped to you. The only fee is for shipping. It makes scrapbooking a lot easier when I can upload and print photos right from my phone and get them in the mail a few days later.

Current food Swiss chard from our garden. It was the first thing we harvested this year!

Swiss Chard from vegetable garden in red strainer

Tell me something current in your life!


Currently: June 2018

Current book Recently finished The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines and already want to read it again! Also reading the book of Genesis in the Bible.

Current craving A trip to Hobby Lobby. I’ve been wanting to do some crafting. Maybe I’ll make a trip out this week. I love that store!

Current confession I had to walk about a mile or two to pet sitting one day this week because my truck wouldn’t start and it was such a dumb move on my part. I was walking up this windy hill (with Mavis, lol) where the speed limit is like 40 and the temperature was above 80. I made it safely, but it definitely wasn’t my smartest moment 😉

Cocker spaniel laying in grass with tongue out

Current blessing Jimmy, as always. He fixed the fuel pump in my truck and it is now back in working order. He has saved us so much money over the years with his handiness and knowledge of all things car-related.

Current beauty product NuSkin SPF 50 Sunscreen. Jimmy and I got a few bottles of this before we went to the beach last month and I also use it while I pet sit, mow, and work in the garden. It works well, smells great, and doesn’t feel like it just sits on my skin, if that makes sense.

Current obsession Get togethers! We had Jimmy and Josh’s birthday cookout over Memorial Day weekend, and then we had Jimmy’s mom and siblings over this weekend to grill celebrate his birthday. I am just loving spending time with family and firing up the grill. We even set up our little lighted pop up canopy!

Lighted pop up canopy at night

Current need More hours in a day. I feel like summer is so amazing and busy and I’d like about ten more hours per day to get everything done and enjoy this beautiful season.

Current goal Getting started on our daughter’s room. We have all sorts of ideas, we just need to get to work!

Current food Dark chocolate almond butter. Also loving all the seasonal produce this time of year like corn, watermelon, and tomatoes!

Simply Balanced Dark Chocolate Almond Butter from Targer

Current procrastination Organizing our spice cabinet. Currently, we have these magnetic spice tins on our fridge and have other spices in a cabinet and it just feels disorganized. We’ve had the magnetic tins for a few years and they’re starting to show signs of wear. I don’t know if I should replace them or just keep everything in a cabinet. Any ideas?

Current excitement Jimmy finished making our bed and we are loving it! Would anyone want to read a post about it with progress pictures from along the way?

Industrial wood and steel bed with shiplap and gray quilt

Tell me something current in your life!