Our Christmas 2017

I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas! Does anyone else have a hard time catching up after the busyness of the holiday? I feel like I’m so behind with everything, but slowly getting back into the swing of normal life!ย I wanted pop in and share how our Christmas went ๐Ÿ™‚

On Saturday (Christmas Eve Eve), my mom and I had our third annual Christmas cookie baking dayย and it was just as fun as it has been in the past! We baked eight different types of goodies and packed up trays to bring to our neighbors.

Raspberry shortbread thumbprint cookiesChristmas CookiesTray of Christmas Cookies

Jimmy, Lola, and I left my parents’ house that evening all tuckered out, but the day was a success!

On Christmas Eve, Jimmy and I went to church, passed out cookie trays to our neighbors, and then prepped dinner before heading to our church’s Christmas Eve service.

Us after church. Our friend gave us trail mix and we gobbled that up in about five seconds.

The kids in our church did a live nativity this year and it was so wonderful. They really, really did a great job at depicting Jesus’ birth and the events surrounding it.

Afterwards, Jimmy and I had his family over for a late dinner (I made Hawaiian chicken) and then exchanged gifts. It was such a sweet evening with laughter and joy.

Black and white family picture

On Christmas day, we woke up to a beautiful, fresh blanket of snow! We haven’t had a white Christmas in Pittsburgh since 2010 (I totally looked through my archives to figure that out!). Jimmy and I had coffee, exchanged gifts, and had one of my pet sitting clients and his dog over.

In the evening, we went to my mother-in-law’s for dinner and then came home and crashed hard at like 9:00 pm! That’s the sign of a great day, right?

Other thoughts and notes

  • Mavis ate half a bar of chocolate on Christmas but thankfully suffered no ill effects!
  • Jimmy gave each of the pets a gift for Christmas! I totally failed and didn’t get them anything. Sorry Lola, Malcolm, and Mavis!
  • It was nice to spend the holiday with our families!
  • Celebrating Jesus’ birth is just so special.

Tell me about your Christmas!


Pumpkins, Pet Sitting, and Puppies

Hi and happy Friday! I’ve wanted to blog all week, but my schedule was jam-packed. I really missed this space!

I have a little chunk of time to blog this morning before I pet sit and do some baking for a birthday party, though. Hopefully Mavis, Malcolm, and Lola behave so I can write this in a reasonable amount of time ๐Ÿ˜‰

The title of the post starts with pumpkins, so that’s what I’m going to start with! Jimmy and I packed up Lola and Mavis last Saturday and headed to my sister and her husband’s house for the day. They wanted to take us to a local farm to pick pumpkins!

Cocker spaniel and golden retriever puppy in wagon with pumpkin

While we don’t celebrate Halloween, we do celebrate fall, and it just seemed quintessentially fall-ish to pick pumpkins!

We also took the dogs on a walk, cooked dinner together, and relaxed. I hadn’t been to Hannah’s house since the day of her bridal shower, so It was fun to see how she and Josh have made it their own with decor and personal touches.

Rustic country kitchen decor Pioneer Woman and Fiestaware

As for pet sitting, it has been busy and so rewarding. I have especially loved bringing Mavis along for all of my visits. She’s my little working buddy, and all of my clients like that their dogs get some social interaction. Definitely a win-win situation!

Dogs sitting together Havanese and cocker spaniel puppies

As for the puppies in the title of this post, I’ve been hanging out with a lot of pups lately. I’d say about half of the animals I pet sit right now are puppies. It keeps me on my toes since puppies like to explore the world with their mouths, and find plenty of ways to get into trouble, haha.

Jimmy and I also had our friends from church over recently and they brought their puppy along to meet Mavis and Lola and it was adorable seeing them play together. Our friends’ puppy is a gorgeous beagle-husky mix!

Beagle Husky mix with blue eyes

I’ve also been doing some baking this week! My cousin is having a birthday party tonight and I’m making him a Lego cake.

I did a practice run earlier this week to get a feel for how I want to do everything. The practice cake could definitely use some work, but I was putting the finishing touches on it close to 10 pm on Tuesday night and just wanted to go to bed, ha.

Lego Cake

I’m making the actual cake today, so hopefully all goes well!! It’s going to be a mix of chocolate and vanilla cake layers with vanilla frosting. I’ll let you guys know how it turns out ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaking of my cousin, he spent the day with me on Wednesday and we had such a lovely day together! We spent the day pet sitting and making some Lego treats. We even filmed a vlog together!

What have you been up to lately?!