Scenes From Valentine’s Day + Two Trips to the ER

Well, we have had quite the week in the Zottola house! Our Valentine’s Day get-together was absolutely lovely.

Aunts and uncles with baby girl

We had Jimmy’s siblings and their significant others over for games, candy, and a dinner of grilled barbecue ribs, chicken, roasted potatoes, and salad with apple pie and cupcakes for dessert.

It was such a fun evening and had Jimmy and I wondering why we don’t do things like that more often!

Valentine's Day Dinner of grilled barbecue ribs, roasted potatoes, apple pie, and candy

We went to bed with full bellies and full hearts from such a fun evening. Jimmy and Sadie even made me a Valentine’s Day card together!

Jimmy said it involved a little crying on Sadie’s end, but oh will I be treasuring that card forever!

Dad and baby with homemade Valentine's Day card

We woke up around 2:30 am thinking that Sadie needed to be fed, but she actually ended up throwing up and had a fever. We gave her Tylenol and rocked her back to sleep. She was so pitiful. The next morning she threw up again, so we headed to the pediatrician where she was diagnosed with the stomach flu.

We spent Friday just trying to keep Sadie girl comfortable. She slept most of the day and it just killed me to see her so sick and sad. Thankfully my mom was able to come over and help with snuggling Sadie.

That night, Jimmy started throwing up pretty nonstop. He couldn’t keep anything down, was shaky, and feverish. I called his mom and she brought him to the emergency room where he was given anti nausea medication.

Right when Jimmy got home from the hospital, I started throwing up. Thankfully Jimmy’s mom came over and took care of Sadie while Jimmy and I spent the day sleeping and getting sick.

At one point, I had a fever of 103 and felt so shaky. My mom and dad stopped by in the evening to help out with Sadie and by the time they left, I started feeling really awful.

I got up to brush my teeth before bed and passed out. Somehow, Jimmy caught me while he was holding Sadie. I have no idea how he did it.

He called his mom and she came to the emergency room with us and held Sadie while I was treated. Poor Jimmy somehow managed to carry me to the car when he must have been feeling so weak himself.

I was able to get two bags of fluid, anti nausea medication, and some ibuprofen before we were released a few hours later.

We think the combo of throwing up, not being able to eat or drink, and nursing Sadie was just too much for my body.

Whew. What a crazy past few days! We seem to be on the upswing and have even managed to eat some food! Sadie is still pretty worn out, but in good spirits.

We feel so incredibly blessed that Jimmy’s mom and my parents were able to help us out because we literally have no clue what we would have done being the sickest we’ve ever been while caring for our baby.

Unfortunately, my parents caught the bug and have been down for the count, which we feel so bad about. Somehow, Jimmy’s mom was spared, though, which is great news!

We are looking forward to a (hopefully!) uneventful week this week 🙂

Have you ever had the stomach flu?

Did you do anything fun for Valentine’s Day?


Currently: February 2019

Well, here we are. It’s the second month of 2019. February has been treating us well so far. Pittsburgh has had some warm weather and sunshine the past few days, which has been absolutely lovely!

Family with baby girl

Here’s what’s currently going on in my life!

Current book Just finished this, which was really gripping. I picked up this political-based book and this medical memoir and can’t decide which to start first! I’ve also been reading all about about soup and cookies. A great combo, lol.

Current joy When Sadie wakes up and realizes who I am. She gets the biggest smile on her face and it makes me so happy.

Current food Rye bread. I just love that sharp, almost licorice-y flavor.

Pepperidge Farm Seedless Jewish Rye Bread

Current laugh I recently fed Sadie right before Jimmy and I walked into church and forgot to pull the flap of my nursing shirt back down and totally walked into church with my bra showing LOL.

Current blessing Jimmy and I bought a family car! We were using his truck as our family vehicle, and Jimmy was taking my two seat truck to work, but it was tough to get in and out of his two-door truck with Sadie’s carseat. Now we have a five person SUV!

Current beauty product Clear coat nail polish. I haven’t had much time to full-on paint my nails, but just adding a clear coat makes them look a little more put together 🙂

Current cuteness Sadie and her cousin Hunter! They spend a lot of time together in the church nursery, and I’m really excited to see them interact more as they grow up together.

Babies laying together

Current song Known by Tauren Wells.

Current baked good The best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever baked. Up next, I’m thinking I need to make graham cracker chocolate chip cookies because Maureen mentioned them and now I must. bake. them.

Current drink Going out for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. It has felt so necessary to have the extra caffeine with Sadie’s sleeping habits lately, haha.

Current indulgence Pet sitting! Doing things I did pre-Sadie feels so indulgent, lol. My mother-in-law and her fiancĂ© baby sat Sadie and I was able to pet sit one of my long-time clients. I’ve also taken Sadie pet sitting with me a few times, which has been a lot of fun.

Walking chocolate lab in Pittsburgh PA

Current goal I’ve been wanting to paint the drawers on a hutch in our living room for a long time. I have the paint, I just need to make it happen.

Current excitement Jimmy and I are having his siblings and their significant others over on Valentine’s Day for a special dinner. I just need to decide what to make! Any ideas?!

Current craving A date night with Jimmy.

Current fun Taking Sadie to the library. I know this is only going to become more and more fun as she grows up, too! I just found out our local library is having a “babies and books” day a few times each month starting in March. Can’t wait!

Mom and baby at library

Current obsession Researching topics for a Bible study I’d like to create.

Current need Absolutely nothing! I have been so blessed.

Tell me something current from your life!