A Few Favorites

Hello! Just popping in today to share some favorites as of late. It’s currently 5:52 am on Saturday as I type up this post and a certain little someone is keeping me company because she woke up way too early. Like 4:45 am early.

Mom and toddler

We took a photo on my laptop, tired eyes and all 😉

Alright, onto to the favorites!

1. Hummus. The lemon hummus is great and isn’t overly sweet. The buffalo style hummus is spicy and full of flavor! Do you like hummus? If so, do you have a favorite flavor? I’m a fan of roasted red pepper. 


2. Park days with Sadie. I know our beautiful weather days in Pittsburgh are likely limited for the rest of 2020, so any time the sun is shining and it’s warm you will probably find us outside. 

We went to the park this week and I was impressed with Sadie wanting to try new things like climbing different structures, going down slides, etc. as she’s a pretty cautious child. Go Sader Tot!

Toddler walking in dress and cowboy boots

3. Studying contentment. I’m currently working through this study guide on cultivating contentment and it’s very inspiring and has me doing a lot of thinking and praying.

I was especially struck by the quote below. What a wonderful reminder that this broken world we live in isn’t all there is to life. With Jesus as our Savior, we can look forward to eternity in heaven each time we feel discontent in our life on earth.

Cultivating Contentment Study Guide

4. Little moments. If it’s warm enough, Sadie and I eat lunch outside and sometimes we let Malcolm sneak out with us.

Other little moments: we had our monthly family night on Thursday and had Thanksgiving dinner. Sadie and I cooked the green bean casserole together and it was so sweet having her help me. 

Girl and cat sitting outside together

5. Decorating for Christmas. Yay! I’ll probably do a separate post on this, but we have our decorations up and it’s making me so happy! We filmed a vlog of the process and I have a feeling this will be fun to look back on 😉

Tell me some of your favorite things lately!

If It Works…

I’m learning that parenting is often about finding creative solutions. Have a cranky toddler? Try playing with canned goods. It’s a lot more fun than playing with toys. 

Toddler playing with canned goods

Did your child decide to skip their nap yesterday (and the day before… and the day before…)?

Let them fall asleep at 4:00 pm on their dad’s chest. It’s super cute and might remind you of the newborn days 🙂

Dad with toddler sleeping on his chest

Did your child wake up way too early this morning? Bundle up and take a walk at 7:00 am!

You won’t get too many strange looks and you’ll get some fresh air.

Toddler taking a walk

Did your toddler decide she didn’t want to nap again today? Try climbing in the crib with her. Then you both get to snooze!

Mom sleeping in crib with toddler

What’s the last creative solution you came up with?