Hair Everywhere and Five Things of Note

We have hair all over the place.

Husky fur after brushing

Case in point: I brushed Niva this morning. There was fur flying and Sadie thought it was raining dog fur. Totally normal.

Want to see some cute hair?

Toddler with pigtails

Sader Tot has been letting me do her hair lately! For the most part 😉 It doesn’t always last, but it sure is adorable.

Five things of note around the Zottola Zoo:

1. I painted my nails. It has been such a long time since I last had polish on them and it feels good. I went with white. Do you have a favorite nail polish color?

2. I took Sadie and Niva to the pet store. We had such a fun time! Niva was intrigued by the ferrets and Sadie loved the parakeets.

3. Sadie helped me bake muffins. We picked up some blueberry muffin mix at the store and she helped me bake them that afternoon. She’s getting to be so much fun with baking lately! She loves to look through the glass of our oven and check on what’s baking.

Toddler in shopping cart at WalmartToddler baking muffins

4. A car for Niva. Jimmy is going to get a remote control car for Niva to chase around the yard. Anything to get some energy out!

5. We’re going to the Aviary. We picked a date, bought tickets, and I’m so excited to show Sadie all the birds!

What’s been going on in your life lately?

Caught and Cake Pops

I caught Jimmy and Niva snuggling in Sadie’s rocking chair. They look adorably guilty, don’t they?

Guy holding husky in rocking chair

I’m happy to report that Sadie’s fever went down! 

You know what I think helped? Cake pops. It’s good medicine to go on a car + coffee and cake pop date 😉 Oh, and we can’t forget milk. That helps too, right? 

Toddler drinking milk and eating a cake pop at Starbucks

We went on a family walk the other night and the fresh air felt fantastic. We kept it short because it was pretty cold, but Sadie thought it was neat to be in her stroller in her footie pajamas. 

Family on a walk with toddler in stroller and husky

I think I’m battling a sinus infection, but I’ll survive. I always seem to get them when I get sick so I know the drill and what to expect 🤷🏼‍♀️

I was so out of it the other morning that I just sipped coffee and stared off into space instead of reading my Bible like I usually do. So, my daily Bible study time happened on the couch during Sadie’s nap.

Hebrews Bible study book on couch with Bible, notebook, and colored pencils

Here’s what I’m learning from Hebrews 4:12:

  • The Word of God is living. The enduring nature of it is great proof of its reliability.
  • Only 0.5% of books are in demand seven years after their publication and books are rarely reprinted after 25 years. The Bible? It’s the best selling book of all time!
  • The Word of God is living because it’s timeless, tested, and true. It’s relevant, applicable to people in the past, and those in the present. It transcends culture, race, gender, occupation, and social and economic status. 
  • We can always learn something new from The Word, no matter how many times we read it. 
  • The Word is powerful and sharper than a double-edged sword; it can cut in both ways by encouraging or condemning. It’s also a weapon against the devil. 
  • God’s Word is unchanging. We may try to dance around difficult scriptures, but the Lord stands firm on what He has proclaimed. It is up to us to accept the Bible, not change it. 

Okay, I better get going. Sadie is waking up and it’s time to start our day! 

Have you ever had a cake pop?