Just Some Cuteness for Today

Hi! Just wanted to show up here and share some cute pictures from life lately. Both Sadie and Mordecai have been battling a case of the sniffles, but have been in pretty good spirits.

We’ve been doing the usual: school, housework, cooking, cleaning, and getting out when possible!

Mom holding baby boy and daughter (more…)


Behind the Picture

It’s time for a behind the picture post! I haven’t done one of these in quite some time (2020 and 2016 were the last two times). The point of these posts is to show that social media and even blogging only shows a snapshot of someone’s life.

So, I’m here to share the reality behind some pictures and poke fun at myself and my life because as always, I like to keep it real around here!

Pink cake with buttercream flowers

Cakes! This was the original trial of the daisy cake I made recently. I tried to do the flowers in buttercream and it was not happening… so I just spread them out and made a swirly pink cake that we brought to church one Wednesday night. You win some and you lose some, right? (more…)