Swimming and Sarris

We’ve done two fun things recently: I took the kids swimming and we went to a local chocolate shop as a family!

Mom and kids in front of chocolate display at Sarris Candies

The display we’re standing in front of is made of chocolate!

Sarris Candies is a famous candy shop in Washington, PA and their chocolate really is amazing. It’s definitely Jimmy’s weakness in life (mine is peanut butter, in case you’re wondering 😉).

We browsed around the store, picked out some chocolates, and even hit up the store’s ice cream parlor!

Father and daughter at Sarris Candies

We last visited Sarris in February last year and also went went Sadie was a baby in 2019. Memories ❤️

Swimming fun

My mom and I took Sadie and Mordecai to my local YMCA to swim one afternoon and it was such a great little outing for us all!

Mom with baby and preschooler in bathing suits at pool

I’m thankful my mom tagged along because it would have been difficult to manage both kids in the pool for open swim.

I was able to bring both Sadie and Mordecai in the water and pass Mordecai to my mom when Sadie wanted to swim in the deep end(!).

Baby boy in bathing suit

Mordecai looks concerned in the photo above, but he actually did really well in the water! I kind of expected to dip his toes in and hear him cry, but he didn’t cry once!

We sat in the water, swam around, and Sadie and Mordecai “chased” each other. We were all smiling! I was really glad Sadie enjoyed being in the water. One of my goals for 2023 is for her to learn to swim.

Mom with baby boy and preschool girl in poolMom in pool with baby and preschooler

I’m hoping to put Sader Tot in group swim lessons very soon, but it was nice to get her acclimated to the pool again since her swim lessons disaster last year, lol.

I don’t care if she never does a sport, I just want her to know how to swim for safety’s sake, you know? It’s so important!

After I passed Mordecai to my mom to swim with Sadie in the deep end, he fell asleep on her chest. All the splashing around must have tuckered him out.

Baby boy sleeping on grandma's chest at indoor pool

That caps off some of the recent fun we’ve been up to! We’re headed to a birthday party today and yours truly got to make the cake. I’ll be sure to post pictures soon. Bye until next time!

What have you done for fun lately?


Iron Infusion, New Books, and Weekend Fun

Had my fifth iron infusion of this pregnancy on Friday! I go back to the hematologist next month for a blood draw to check my hemoglobin, ferritin, etc. levels and determine next steps, buuuut I’m done with iron infusions for now!

Pregnant woman getting iron infusion for anemia (more…)