Currently: March 2019

We’re somehow about halfway through March right now. I feel like we were just ringing in the new year! Here’s what’s currently going on in my life this month.

Current books I’ve started reading this book as I prepare to co-lead a mom’s group at our church. Sadie has been enjoying this book about Genesis as well as learning sign language from this book, and she adores pulling down the felt flaps in this farm-themed book!

Current excitement My sister’s baby shower is on Saturday! She’s due in two months and I cannot wait to meet baby Caroline 🙂

Current joy Sadie. She’s sweet as can be and becoming more and more interactive each day.

Baby girl wearing sparkly cat ears from Old Navy

Current beauty product Does a towel count as a beauty product?! This reusable makeup remover towel is so neat–it removes makeup with just water!

Current food Edamame spaghetti. I found it at Aldi for a good price, so I figured we’d give it a whirl. Random, but delicious.

Current laugh I recently hung out with my mom and drove her truck. I parked and grabbed my water bottle (still loving the water bottle from this post, FYI!), only to discover that I took her cup holder along with me. The best part was that I didn’t realize I had the cup holder until I was about 50 feet away from the truck, lol.

Flamingo pink hydroflask water bottle

Current baked good Graham cracker chocolate chip cookies.

Current indulgence Blogging when I should be doing household chores 😉

Current drink Jimmy and I recently tried the new Cloud Macchiato from Starbucks and it was excellent! Also loving Newman’s Own k-cups and coffee in general, as always!

Coffee and Dairy Pure half and half in a Mommy mug

Current goal To organize and sort through all of Sadie’s clothes.

Current craving Spring weather and a date night with Jimmy!

Current cuteness Mavis and Sadie. They’re best buds ❤

Cocker spaniel cuddling with baby girl

Current blessing Daylight savings time. I am so enjoying the extra daylight hours!

Current obsession Researching chicken keeping. I really don’t need any more living things to take care of but I’ve always wanted to have chickens. I keep telling myself “Don’t do it, Allie” and yet I find myself looking up more and more info…

Current fun Pittsburgh experienced some semi-warm weather over the weekend, so Jimmy and I took Mavis and Sadie for a walk on a local trail. We also went to the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, which was a blast!

Dad with cocker spaniel and baby on trail with jogging stroller

Tell me something current in your life!

Snapshots and Thoughts

Hey hey! Dropping in today to share some photos and thoughts. How is January going for everyone? I can’t believe we’re already over halfway through the month.

Shoveling snow in January in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh got snow! Jimmy was up and shoveling early on a Sunday morning. What a stud ❤

Things that have been going on for me this month:
-Had my sixth iron infusion
-Lots of reading (finished this book and just started this one)
-Finally got my hair cut! Pictures coming soon once I figure out how to style it, haha.
-Hanging out with Sadie, Jimmy, the pets, and our families!
-Beginning to plan Hannah’s baby shower–I think I’m making cupcakes 🙂
-Ordered this for Sadie and we’re going to try to use it to get her to sleep in her crib soon if we’re brave, lol.

How about some pictures and more thoughts?!

Baby and cocker spaniel playing together

Sadie is becoming more and more interactive with the pets! She smiles so hard every time she sees Mavis. Both Mavis and Malcolm are great with her; Malcolm has nibbled her a few times, but nothing that has made her cry.

Mavis just adores Sadie and really seems to enjoy her attention. I have a few video clips I’ll have to post! As for Lola + Sadie… Lola just doesn’t care about her, haha.

Girl in Ford Raptor truck with cocker spaniel and black lab

Speaking of the pets, I managed to bring Lola, Mavis, and Sadie to and from the groomer without it being too much of a fiasco!

Lola almost stepped on Sadie and Mavis peed on the front seat, but we survived!

Baby on play mat with Dunkin Donuts coffee

I totally treated myself to some Dunkin’ coffee after dropping the girls off at the groomer 😉

Baby girl in hat sitting on grandfather's lap

My father and mother-in-law babysat Sadie for a few hours the other night and it was amazing for all of us! Jimmy and I didn’t even know what to do with ourselves without our little gal, lol.

We are so incredibly thankful for our families’ help with and love for Sadie.

Girl getting IV iron infusion

My sixth iron infusion is in the books! I’ve got two more to go and then blood work in May to check my hemoglobin levels and then reassess if I need any more infusions from there.

Three generations of women

Sadie and I slept over my parents’ house earlier this month, which was so much fun! Us gals went shopping, went to lunch (my second time out to eat since Sadie was born and it was such a treat!), and relaxed with the pups.

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate

This chocolate is delicious. What’s your favorite brand and type of chocolate?

What would snapshots from your life right now look like?