Parenting a Toddler Is…

Parenting a toddler is equal parts challenging and amazing. Every day is filled with wonder, tears, smiles, hugs, discipline, and crumbs. So many crumbs!

Mom and dad with toddler selfie

Parenting a toddler is…


Arcade Night, The Wright Brother’s National Memorial, and Other Fun

Picking up where I left off in my last post, we are enjoying our time in the Outer Banks! We had another nice weather day on Saturday so my mom, Sadie, and I made it to a new-to-us park while my dad and Jimmy went to day two of the car show.

Toddler at park in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Toddler at park in Kill Devil Hills, NC

I definitely had a wicked sunburn from the day before, so I made sure to wear a long sleeve shirt and lots of sunscreen 😂 (more…)