Our New Family Member

Hey guys! We have a new family member in the Zottola household.

Black and white Siberian Husky with blue eyes

This is our pup, Niva! She’s an eight-month-old Siberian Husky and a total sweetheart. She’s also quite the escape artist and pro jumper. We definitely have our hands full! 

I had been wanting a dog since Lola passed away in October. Then Mavis bit Sadie’s face in February and we made the tough decision to re-home her. I was so sad not having a dog in the house. It took some begging, pleading, and convincing, but Jimmy got on board and said he was ready for a dog. 

So, we brought Niva home. She has never lived inside a home until now, and she’s honestly adjusted well thus far. House training is going well, she’s gentle with Sadie, and actually afraid of Malcolm! I think we’re all a bit afraid of Malcolm, though 😉

It feels great to have a dog again. It has definitely brought up memories and emotions surrounding Lola and Mavis and has been a big adjustment for our whole family, but overall, we’re having a positive experience. Niva is a wonderful running partner and so snuggly!

Girl napping with husky

She knows “sit” and “down,” and I’m excited to work on more commands and general training. We sure need to! I’ve never had to tell a dog to get off of the kitchen table. Eek!

Husky sitting on kitchen table

I’m sure I’ll be sharing much more about Niva girl, but I just wanted to introduce her and share a bit about her for now! 

The Three Musketeers

Just before Jimmy comes home from work I like to open up our front door so everyone can greet him when he walks up our sidewalk. When I hear his truck rumbling up the street I say “Dad’s home!” and Sadie, Malcolm, and Mavis all go to the front door to welcome him home.

Baby dog and cat waiting at door together

I think I’m going to start calling these little rascals the three musketeers. They are already so mischievous together! Sadie feeds Mavis from her high chair, I caught Malcolm and Sadie playing in the toilet together this week, and Sadie chases Mavis around the house with her baby doll stroller.

They’re quite the trio and always up to something! Jimmy and I just realized yesterday that we welcomed a new family member three years in a row when we thought about how Malcolm is three-years-old, Mavis is two, and Sadie is one. Eek!! They sure do make our lives fun 🙂