Slow Cooker Pulled Italian Chicken

Slow cooker Italian pulled chicken recipe

1 14.5 ounce can diced tomatoes
1 small red onion, chopped
2 pounds boneless chicken breasts
2 teaspoons Italian seasoning, divided
Salt and pepper, to taste

1. Place tomatoes, onion, and one teaspoon of the Italian seasoning in slow cooker and stir to combine.
2. Cut chicken breasts into tender-sized pieces and place on top of tomato mixture. Top with remaining Italian seasoning and salt and pepper.
3. Cover and cook on high for three hours or low for six hours.
4. Remove chicken and shred with two forks until it resembles pulled pork.
5. Add pulled chicken back into tomato mixture and stir to combine. Add more salt and pepper if desired. Enjoy!

Ideas For Serving
-Serve the pulled chicken in toasted ciabatta buns, on top of rice, on a flatbread, in a panini, over polenta, in a baked potato, or on top of mashed potatoes.
-Stir the chicken into your favorite soup, risotto, or add it into a casserole.
-Serve with your favorite pasta and sauce
-Use the liquid from the chicken as a broth.

Ideas For Variations and Add-Ins
-Use a can of Italian-seasoned tomatoes for a more Italian-esque flavor.
-Go latin-inspired and use salsa instead of canned tomatoes.
-Make this recipe Mediterranean by topping with black olives, mint, and feta cheese and serve it with pita bread and tzatziki sauce.
-Chicken thighs also work in this recipe instead of chicken breasts, though they may take a little longer to cook.
-Add-in ideas: olives, garlic, chopped bell peppers, corn, green beans, mushrooms, anchovies, capers, pesto, cheese, fresh basil, parsley rosemary, etc.