Wonder Woman Cake

I had the best time making a Wonder Woman cake last week! My friend from church was having a first birthday party for her daughter and asked me to bake a Wonder Woman smash cake. Of course I was on board!

Wonder Woman Birthday Cake

I felt kind of emotional making this cake! My friend had wanted a baby for years and went through the tough, all-consuming process of IVF to bring her daughter into this world.

I watched this sweet friend give herself shots, take medications, deal with wicked side effects, and go through the highs and lows of each step of IVF. What a journey.

And her daughter! Oh my word is she adorable and truly an answered prayer. So yeah, this cake was a special one.

Wonder Woman birthday cake

Here’s how I put it together!

The cake layers were chocolate. The bottom layer was baked, crumb coated with vanilla buttercream and then frosted with blue buttercream. The top layer of the cake was the same deal, just with red buttercream!

The stars were made from white vanilla flavored fondant. I cut them with star-shaped fondant plungers. The gold rope around the middle of the cake was made by rolling out and cutting two strips of vanilla gold shimmer fondant and then twisting them to resemble a rope.

I used a Wonder Woman logo and crown to decorate the middle and top of the cake and that was it! It was a very fun and special project ❀️

If you could have a themed cake for your birthday, what would it be?



  1. And you did an awesome job. Look great. It was special not only you making foe her but you slowly getting back to norm

  2. This turned out sooo cute!! I love your cakes. If you lived near me I would hire you to make me a fun birthday cake. Because who doesn’t want to feel like a kid when they are in their 30’s. LOL

  3. THAT CAKE IS OAKMONT BAKERY IN DISGUISE?? I would honestly think that if I didn’t actually see you do every bit of it with your own hands and amazing talent for cake & cupcake making!
    She definitely enjoyed “smashing” it!!
    I’m a little old for themed cakes – but I guess if I HAD to choose, it would be something with the ocean/beach/waves/sun πŸ™‚
    oh – remember my b-day is coming up in March hahaha
    Love you

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