What We’ve Been Up To Lately

Hey hey! We’ve been up to all sorts of fun around here. From reading to baking to sleepovers, and even some cookie decorating. Let’s talk!

Girl and daughter cake decorating together at kitchen counter

Sadie, Mordecai, and I had a sleepover with my mom recently! Jimmy and my dad were at an overnight seminar with a few men from our church and I had a cake to bake and decorate, so us girls and Mordecai made a sleepover out of it.

The term sleepover makes me laugh a little because I don’t think we got much sleep, but that’s how it goes with a four-year-old out of routine and a baby who is up multiple times a night. We had a great time regardless.

While in my parents’ town, I drove past the local YMCA and saw an advertisement for a “Family Fun Night” on Friday night. My dad made it home by that point and we all headed to the YMCA for games, dancing, snacks, and obstacle courses.

Grandpa holding up granddaughter to shoot basketball into hoopGirl throwing ball to a fitness trainer

I was so glad we were able to go to this event! Sadie deserved a night of fun after putting up with my baking for two days straight.

Her absolute favorite thing was the dancing. Sader Tot wanted to dance all night long!

Mom, daughter, and son dancing with disco lights

Even Mordecai got in on the fun!

I also made 100 cupcakes along with the cake. My mom is a saint for letting me take over her kitchen with all my baking supplies and bring my kids and their chaos over, too. Thanks, mom!

The cupcakes were fun flavors: red velvet, vanilla, and coconut chocolate chip. I had never made coconut chocolate chip cupcakes before but they turned out well! I did my usual vanilla cake base and added shredded coconut, coconut extract, and mini chocolate chips.

Coconut chocolate chip cupcakes

Another fun thing lately is reading, as always. I’m almost finished with Risen Motherhood and already plan on rereading it again soon.

I’m about halfway through Lucy by the Sea, which is a novel about a woman’s experience during the pandemic. Even though it’s a work of fiction, it’s still about what the world was like in 2020 and it actually brought up a lot of emotions for me. I forgot how crazy and scary things were for a bit, you know? I plan on checking out other books by the author because I like the way she writes.

Girl and baby boy decorating Valentine's Day heart shaped cookies

Sadie and I decorated Valentine’s Day cookies together! Mordecai oversaw the whole process. I can’t wait until he can enjoy cookies and baking with us soon!

Last but not least, we’ve been going outside as much as possible. The weather has been decent enough that I can take the kids out on short walks most days and it does wonders for everybody’s mood!

What have you been up to lately?



  1. I LOVED our sleepover!! I felt so bad that you were baking and decorating for most of it 😦
    The YMCA family fun night was a blast!! Sadie was so in her groove with every event they offered!! She’s the best! Poor Mordecai in the loud dancing room — but he somehow managed to fall asleep?!?! The videos of you guys all dancing will be treasured forever!
    I would love to borrow that book if you think it’s one I’d like??
    Love you,

    1. We had such a good time and thank you again a million times over for having us at your house! You are the BEST! The YMCA was so much fun, too! I’m so glad we went 🙂 I love you! I will also lend you the book!!

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