Having Siblings and Things That Are Abnormal But Totally Normal For Us

Something rare and wild is happening right now: our house is quiet. Jimmy is off playing paintball, my mom is watching Sadie, and Niva is sleeping on the couch. I just finished a mug of coffee, vacuumed the floors and couches, and scrubbed the bathroom.

Yes, I still have laundry to fold, windows to wipe dog and toddler marks off of, and plenty real estate work to do, but I just wanted to come here and ramble for a bit. So, let’s talk!

Chartiers Creek in Heidelberg in Pittsburgh, PA

The weather is finally beginning to warm up here in good ol’ Pittsburgh and I am here. for. it. Spending time at the park with Sadie, walking Niva without wearing mittens, digging in the garden, and playing in the yard. I just love it.