12 of My Unpopular Opinions

Okay, I’ve got a fun post for today: unpopular opinions. I’m going to share some of mine and hopefully I don’t make anybody too upset 😜 I want to hear your unpopular opinions in the comments!

1. I would rather eat vegetables than meat. Give me a grilled portobello mushroom over a steak any day. Sautéed swiss chard? Yum. Hamburger? Meh. This is probably why my iron is constantly low 😂

Vegetables from vegetable garden squash, yellow tomato, cherry tomatoes, and arugula

2. Birkenstocks are not for me. I feel like they’re expensive and not that cute?! I don’t even think they’re comfortable, either. I’ve tried them on and I just don’t get the appeal. Sorry if you’re a Birkenstock fan 🙈 (more…)

Improvising and Beating the Heat

Another day, another picture from our zoo!

Girl with bow and arrow and husky

I was practicing archery in the yard the other evening and Jimmy ran to our garage to do something. A few minutes later, he came out with a homemade target crafted from insulation and wood. Now I don’t have to shoot Amazon boxes as a target!! (more…)