Spring Oreos, A First, and a Dog Necklace

As always, the title of this post is quite random. Just like life over here at the Zottola Zoo!

I added some spring-y chocolate covered Oreos to my Etsy shop and they’re pretty cute if I do say so myself 😙

Spring and Easter themed chocolate covered Oreos

I had a little helper while I melted chocolate, dipped, decorated, and then photographed everything!

She wanted to touch, play with, and eat everything so badly but was very patient and waited until I was finished. Go Sader Tot!

Toddler girl looking at Easter chocolate covered Oreos (more…)

Putting the Win in Winter

It’s still winter but we were graced with some spring-like weather today and it’s totally putting the “win” in winter for me 😊

Sadie and I took Niva on a walk (actually, I’m pretty sure Sadie ran the whole time?!) without jackets and gloves on this afternoon and it was wild! Like… sunshine. Not bracing against a cold wind. Sneakers instead of boots. Could spring actually be coming?

Black and white Siberian husky with blue eyes (more…)