Snow Day + Spoke Too Soon

We had a snow day last week and it was just as fun as I imagined it would be! We woke up to a blanket of snow on Friday and it kept coming down all day. As soon as Sadie woke up from her morning nap and had some lunch, we were outside playing!

Toddler in snow

We walked to a nearby park and she was so adorable just taking everything in! We ventured back outside after Jimmy got home from work and played some more. If it’s going to be winter, it might as well snow!

Baby in the snow

Remember how I said I was on the mend in my last post? Totally spoke too soon!

I ended up at Urgent Care with a fever and awful sinus pain on Saturday. Thankfully I tested negative for the flu and the doctor said I had a rough virus that’s been going around and lasting way longer than a normal cold.

Urgent care flu mask

I still felt pretty awful on Sunday, but haven’t had body aches or a fever since then! Just a lovely sinus infection, which I was able to get some antibiotics for today. Whew. So thankful for medicine and doctors!

Okay, one last picture. I’ve been letting Sadie eat at our kitchen table, but she’s too short to reach the table. Amazon box to the rescue, lol. I finally ordered a booster seat today and I’m so excited to not have 500 heart attacks while she eats because I think she’s going to fall off the chair 🙂

Baby eating breakfast

Have you had any snow this winter where you live?

Life Lately in Pictures

Baking, baking, and more baking. I’ve been working on perfecting my sourdough, and even baked a loaf of rye and pumpernickel! Completely obsessed.

Also, I bought an Alaskan sourdough starter off of Etsy. Guys, I’m turning into a person that buys sourdough starters from other states just to see what they taste like. I’m not mad about it though 🙂

I made camouflage cupcakes for our cousin Hunter’s first birthday and have been working on a birthday cake and cupcakes I was asked hired to make!

Camo cupcakes

Camo hunting cupcakes

Blue and red birthday cake with sprinkles

Other things besides baking…

  • My sister, sister-in-law, and I tried taking a picture with our girls at church and it was hilarious.
  • Sadie, Jimmy, and I surprised my parents by cheering them on at a 5k race they ran.
  • Jimmy and I decorated a gingerbread house together while my in-laws babysat Sadie!
  • I visited the eye doctor for something in my eye and found out I have a corneal abrasion. Ouch.
  • Pittsburgh got more snow so we took Sadie out in her sled again!
  • Finished this cute Christmas novel and now I’m onto this baking-esque novel (<–affiliate links).

Girls with daughters

Grandparents at a 5k race with toddler

Grandpa with toddler and smile plate

Gingerbread house

Mom and dad in snow with toddler

What would pictures of your life lately look like?