First Snow

Pittsburgh got its first snow of the season yesterday. We woke up to a dusting of snow and it continued to flurry on and off throughout the day. As soon as Jimmy got home from work we bundled up and tried out Sadie’s craigslist sled!

Baby in L.L. Bean sledMom and baby with sled in the snowMom pulling baby in L.L. Bean sled

Sader Tot was a big fan of her sled! We took turns pulling her around the yard and her little squeals of delight were the sweetest thing. It’s so neat to see her experience new things!

She was diggin’ the snow, too. So much so that she wanted us to put. her. down. now. when we tried to take a picture, lol.

Family in the snow with babyBaby girl in pink hat in the snow

The cold didn’t seem to bother her one bit! She just explored the yard and followed Mavis around (nothing new there–those two are inseparable!). Speaking of Mavis, she was having a ball sniffing the snow and running around like a maniac.

She had a major case of the zoomies and we were cracking up. She slept well last night!

Cocker spaniel in snowFather and baby in snow

It was a fun first snow of the season for all of us! It feels like such a huge blessing to experience these little moments of joy as a family. God has been so, so good to us ❤

Do you enjoy snow?

Welcoming Spring

Spring has officially arrived! So did a nor’easter here in Pittsburgh. But hey, I think there’s a saying that goes something like if you don’t like the weather in Pittsburgh, wait 15 minutes. So true.

I was able to walk Lola and Mavis in gorgeously sunny 50 degree weather earlier in the week, and today I will be pulling out my snow boots for my pet sitting jobs.

Cocker spaniel and black lab walking on grassy trail in sunshine

Walks with Lola and Mavis are so lovely due to the fact that we have a leash coupler, so I only have to use one leash! Walks with Lola and Mavis aren’t so lovely when Lola walks backwards and slips out of her harness to run away.

Our pets certainly know how to keep Jimmy and I on our toes with their antics. We spoil them anyways. We just bought Lola the harness in the above picture and Mavis chewed the handle (while Lola was wearing it!) until it was hanging on by a thread. So what did I do the other day? Bought them a chew toy.

Cocker spaniel with Petstages deerhorn chew

Mr. Malcolm over here isn’t much more well behaved than his sisters. He’s actually the instigator in our household and has quite the penchant for trying to slip out our back door (is life with us that bad that our pets want to run away?!). But we spoil him, too.

His new obsession, as I mentioned in my most recent vlog, are Friskies Pull ‘n Play treats. He goes crazy for these and runs all around the house with the treats in his mouth. I think he tries to tease Mavis and Lola!

Friskies Pull 'n Play cat treats chicken and cheese flavors

Speaking of cat treats, I have a great resource to share for any cat parents out there! has an awesome cat food guide that has a list of the best cat foods for 2018. The researchers that created the guide analyzed over 2,000 cat food formulas and picked their top 18 high-quality brands.

Okay, back to talking about spring. To celebrate its arrival yesterday, I decided to bake one of my favorite spring-like recipes: lemon poppy seed muffins! When I typed out poppy seed, I accidentally typed “puppy seed.” I guess I have dogs on the brain?!

Lemon poppy seed muffins

I think I’ll go enjoy one now as I watch the snow pile up outside 😉

What food reminds you most of spring?