New Year’s Eve

How We Started 2018

Hey hey! How is 2018 treating you so far? I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. Mavis and I are walking four dogs together today and it’s currently 14 degrees (and dropping…!) and snowing here in Pittsburgh.

You better believe I’m going to look like the Michelin Man with all the layers I put on and Mavis will be wearing her winter coat.

Cocker spaniel and chocolate lab in winter coats

I have a minute to blog today, so I thought I’d share how we started out the new year! Actually, I’ll start with New Year’s Eve.

Jimmy and I went to church in the evening and stayed after for a New Year’s Eve fellowship. Everyone brought along food (I brought chili and corn muffins!) and hung out until around 8:30 pm, when we all discussed the past year, the one ahead, and then had a group prayer.

It was a really great way to ring in 2018! Afterwards, Jimmy and I went home and read (I’m still reading and loving this book) on the couch until about 11:00, then went to bed.

Since Jimmy and I both had the day off on New Year’s Day, we were able to sleep in a little and have a slow morning. We took Mavis to Starbucks (puppuccino for her, blonde roast for me, and tuxedo mocha for Jimmy!) and Lowe’s.

Dog in Lowe's

Jimmy wanted to grab some recessed lighting supplies for our basement and I wanted to practice therapy work with Mavis! I walked her around Lowes and lots of people pet her, which was a great opportunity to work on her social skills.

I’m continually impressed by how well she does with kids. A toddler grabbed her ears really hard and she simply cried (I thought she would growl, lol) and backed away. Go May May!

In the evening, we headed to Mavis’ fourth adult level 1 training class, which was a fun way to kick off the New Year. We spent an hour working on loose leash walking, the “leave it” command, and meeting other people and dogs politely.

On Tuesday, it was back to “normal life” post-holidays. It’s feeling good to get into somewhat of a routine again!

How did you start 2018?


Life lately & my nose

Besides driving through a random snowstorm, life has been good lately!I think I have played board games like 3 nights in a row this past week. I played a game called Elfinland at a college game night and Taboo on NYE at church and on Sunday (@ home, w/ family) because the power went out for 4 hours due to a rain and windstorm. [College student game night was a lot of fun!][My family + Jimmy all huddled around the candles and played Taboo and charades until the power came on.]

I have been staying up late (and subsequently sleeping in!) to watch some amazing movies and eat delicious food[Goldfish and Water For Elephants… a good match.]SCALLOPS!

I have also been using Starbucks gift cards that I got for Christmas like none other. I guzzle peppermint mocha’s like it’s my business. 30 seconds later….Gone.

I’ve been scaring Jimmy. He is afraid of my biceps getting too bulky..I wore a cap-sleeved dress on Sunday and it didn’t fit my shoulders. Ugh.

He is also afraid of bowling with me.You see, I like bowling, but I just get so mad/frustrated if I don’t do well! I have a love-hate relationship with bowling for sure.


My nose has been hurting lately.I had to have my nose almost completely reconstructed in 2009 after a car accident.[Post-surgery 2009.]

For about a week, I have been experiencing bleeding within my nose and i’m pretty sure my septum (the area between the nostrils) has shifted to the point where it is causing a lot of pain + it has affected my breathing a little. I’m going to call my surgeon today and get an appointment to have it looked at, just to make sure everything is okay. :/ Bleh.


Have a great day!!