Mordecai at Two Months

Mordecai is two months old! It somehow feels like he’s been part of our family much longer, though.

Two month old baby boy laying in crib

Here’s how he’s growing and living his best baby life at two months.

Growth 12lbs 0.8 oz (55th%), 23 inches (48th%), and his head circumference is 41 cm (72nd%).

Wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 1 diapers.

Baby boy laying on counter smiling

Eating Mom’s milk! He eats often, like every hour or two in the day and every two or three in the night, but he’s very efficient. Still feeling very thankful nursing has been going well.

Personality Pleasant, sweet, and happy.

Two month old baby boy smiling

Nicknames When he cries we call him “Morde-cry” and Sadie often calls him “Morde Forty” and “Smile Child.” Jimmy calls him “Morde chai latte” now and then 😂

Sleeping Like a breastfed two-month-old baby 😉 We put him to sleep at 8:30pm and he’s usually up at 11:00pm and then every 2-3 hours after that! Naps are still all over the place in the day, as expected at this age.

Looks like A mix of our family, but a lot of people think he resembles me the most. His eyes are still blue and his hair either looks blonde or light brown depending on the lighting.

Baby boy with blue eyes in black bunting and hat

New skills Lifting his head during tummy time (though he once fell during tummy time 😂), sucking on his hands, cooing, and smiling so hard!!

Likes Being held and snuggled, his sister (he smiles instantly when he hears Sadie’s voice!), ceiling fans, laying on his changing table, being outside, lights, warm baths, and eating.

Two month old baby boy laying in crib in suspenders and button down shirt

Dislikes Being cold, hungry, or tired. He’s also not a fan of pacifiers.

Favorite products Swaddles, portable sound machine, baby carrier, lactation cookie mix, baby monitor, foldable bath tub, shampoo and body wash, diaper pail, diaper rash spray, vitamin D drops, reusable nursing pads, fitted crib sheet, and baby memory book.

Other notes Mordecai went to his first RV show! At his two month appointment, the pediatrician noticed weakness in his right arm (likely due to the shoulder dystocia at birth) and referred us to early intervention (for possible physical therapy) and a neurologist.

That’s everything for Mordecai at two months! He’s a joy and such a blessing to our family. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings with our little guy!



  1. Such a blessing sweet little Mordecai is to our family!! His nicknames are cracking me up~ and I’m not responsible for any of them (for once!)
    He’s a healthy happy little guy 💙 and I love his sweet personality and gorgeous smile!
    Love you

    1. Thank you so much!! We are doing great! I hope you are, too! And I promise I will return your email! I see it in my inbox every day and I think of you each time I see it 🙂

      1. Glad to hear! All good here, too. No worries about the email. I totally understand you have a lot to keep you busy, with Mordecai, Sadie, your business, running a home, home-schooling, church…
        I’ve been thinking recently I’d like to start writing letters again, prompted by seeing some beautiful stationery online. So maybe we could do a letter exchange sometime 🙂

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