January Family Night: Pittsburgh RV Show

We had our monthly family night for January and decided to go to Pittsburgh’s RV Show! I made a list of ideas (ice skating, arcade, bowling, etc, most of which were not quite baby friendly… not sure how we would have ice skated with a baby 🤣) and the RV show won.

Family selfie at Pittsburgh RV Show

Plus, the night we went, the tickets were BOGO and Sadie and Mordecai were free to enter because they were under five-years-old. So we paid $12.50 for our whole family to see a whole bunch of cool campers! We won’t talk about the fact that parking was $13. That’s city life for ya 😉

Jimmy and I have been to Pittsburgh’s RV show quite a few times over the years and always enjoy dreaming about camping, warmer weather, and are absolutely blown away at how high tech campers are these days.

Pittsburgh’s convention center gets filled with hundreds of RVs from different vendors for two weeks and all of the campers are opened and turned on for guests to check out and even purchase on the spot.

Girl standing in front of giant blow up duck

We must have walked into upwards of 30-40 RVs this year, but in years past, we’ve gone in every. single. one. on both floors of the convention center.

Some of the bathrooms in these campers were bigger than our home’s bathroom and had double sinks in the vanity! There were kitchen islands, full refrigerators, glass stove tops, ceiling fans, sliding glass doors, leather couches, pantries, two bathrooms, and even upstairs lofts.

We knew Sadie would be super excited to check everything out and I tried to prep her and explain the event but nothing really explains it until you experience it yourself! She had so much fun and wanted to go into every single RV. We met up with Jimmy’s dad and step mom, too, which made the evening even more special for us all!

Fred holding Mordecai at RV Show

Grandparents on escalator with grandkids at Pittsburgh RV Show

Once we got home, Sadie was eating a snack at the dinner table before bed and fell asleep while sitting up. She hadn’t done that in quite some time. I think it was a sign that she had a great time!

I’m already looking forward to next month’s family night.

Have you gone to any conventions?

Do you like camping?



  1. When I first started reading this I thought it was somewhat of a unique family outing, not in a bad way, just different. By the end of this post I wanted to run and look up a camper show. LOL I loveee looking at ideas for camping or honestly I would probably day dream about living in one of those (not forever.) I have come to realize while I have the gear, I don’t go camping much and it’s because I am very, very afraid of the bears. I need to accept that while I consider myself “rugged” in many ways, I think I am more of a luxury camper. AKA give me a big vehicle to sleep in so the animals cannot sniff me out.

    1. It really was a random family outing, especially since we haven’t went camping since Sadie was younger hahaha. I hope you can go to a camper show some day. They’re pretty neat! I could totally live in one, too. I think it suits our minimalist-type tendencies. Plus being so close to nature… but also not being sniffed out by bears is a win-win 😬

  2. This makes me think about how Christopher loves to tour houses that are for sale… this is like that, but on magnified because you get to see so many different ones in a row! Glad you all had so much fun!

  3. This honestly sounds like such a fun event! But I’m also a fan of trade shows and such in general, regardless of the theme (free pens, haha!)

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