Sleep Eating, Movie Night, and Floor Picnics

Sadie had her ophthalmologist appointment earlier this week to check on her nasolacrimal duct obstruction and we found out she doesn’t have to have surgery on her eye! Thank you so much to everyone that prayed for her eye to heal. The blockage in her tear duct is slowly clearing up! 

She was such a champ at the appointment–during the eye exam, eye drops to dilate her pupils, and then another set of eye drops to better see inside her eyes. As a reward, I stopped at Dunkin’ on our way home and bought her a couple of munchkins. She must have been so worn out from the excitement of the day that she literally fell asleep while eating, haha.

Toddler falling asleep while eating

We also had a little picnic on the kitchen floor the other day. I was making lunch and she was playing with her dollhouse so happily on the floor nearby so I just brought our lunches onto the ground and we played and ate together.

The little moments are just the best ❤

Mom and daughter picnic on the floor

We also had our first family movie night this week! We pushed our couches together, ate snacks, cuddled under blankets, and watched Cars. Kids movies are my favorite 🙂

Sadie was pretty into the movie. I wasn’t sure how long it would keep her attention, but she watched a decent amount. I fell asleep near the end and she and Jimmy were just standing over me and giggling once the movie was over, LOL. 

Family movie night watching CarsMom and daughter watching a movie together

It’s Friday as I type up this post and man am I ready for the weekend. We have had a crazy past couple of days. Niva jumped our fence and went on a little joy ride run around the neighborhood on Wednesday and the person that found her tried to keep her. It has been quite the nightmare and we unfortunately had to have the police involved. Ugh. 

Thankfully Niva is safe at home now, but is limping and has torn up paws. We don’t know where she went or what happened, but she’s definitely spooked. Poor thing. She’s been getting tons of cuddles and laying low the past few days! In fact, she’s laying on Sadie’s trampoline as I type!

Husky laying on trampoline

Tell me about your week!



  1. Oh no!!! Niva! Oh my goodness, what a week this must have been for you all. I’m so glad she is home safely, but how scary! And how terrible to be put in a position where you ended up needing to have the police involved. I don’t understand how anyone could try to keep a pet that belonged to someone else. So awful. I’m just so glad she’s home safely now! ❤

    Also, I love that you pushed the couches together for family movie night! What an awesome idea! And hilarious that your toddler made it through more of the movie than one of her parents. 😉

    1. Yeah, it has been quite the week, haha! It was definitely scary and tough to be put in a position where we had to have the police involved. I’m so glad that behind us!

      The family movie night couch situation was a dream! I think it was a lot like a bed, hence the whole falling asleep before Sadie thing 😉

  2. You must be so relieved that Sadie won’t have to undergo surgery. That’s great news! 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about Niva’s escape and the events after she was found — it all sounds very traumatic! I’m glad that she’s home, safe and sound, and I hope you all have a quiet and restful weekend.

    1. Relief is the perfect description! It was the best news to receive!

      Traumatic is also the perfect description for Niva’s escape and all the craziness that ensued afterwards!! Whew. So glad she is safe and sound now 🙂

  3. Ahh about Niva!! At least she is safe at home with you now.

    Oh and that movie night sounded like so much fun <3. I have a short attention span for movies, so I probably would have fallen asleep as well 😀

    1. Yes! It was SO wild, Pree! Thankfully she is safe and we are now setting up a fence extension to make our yard look like a penitentiary haha.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one with a short attention span for movies 😉

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