January Family Night: Pittsburgh RV Show

We had our monthly family night for January and decided to go to Pittsburgh’s RV Show! I made a list of ideas (ice skating, arcade, bowling, etc, most of which were not quite baby friendly… not sure how we would have ice skated with a baby 🤣) and the RV show won.

Family selfie at Pittsburgh RV Show

Plus, the night we went, the tickets were BOGO and Sadie and Mordecai were free to enter because they were under five-years-old. So we paid $12.50 for our whole family to see a whole bunch of cool campers! We won’t talk about the fact that parking was $13. That’s city life for ya 😉 (more…)


2022 Notes and Thoughts

We’re in the final days of 2022, right on the cusp of a brand new year! This year was full of so much joy for our family.

Family Christmas photo with mom and dad kissing

Each year, I like to step back and reflect on everything that has happened and give thanks to God. Part recap, part reflection, that’s what this post is all about! Let’s get to it.  (more…)