82,000 Words Later

Guys, I finally finished the first draft of my first novel. You know, the one I started in 2016 😂

Book editing at Starbucks

If you haven’t been reading my blog that long, I started writing a novel for fun in 2016 and plugged away at it… until life got in the way. We brought home a puppy and worked on therapy dog training, then had a baby, then got another dog, I started an Etsy shop, and Jimmy became a co-owner of his family’s business. Lots of life changes since 2016, basically! The book was always in the back of my mind, though.

I recently had another story idea for a totally different book and wanted to start writing that out, but I just couldn’t begin until I finished my first one. So, I pulled up the document on my laptop and saw that the last time I had worked on it was April 2018, the spring before Sader Tot was born!

Coffee and Mac laptop Macbook

Working from my memory of the characters and plot, I decided to wrap it up and… suddenly it was done! 82,000+ words and a few years later!

Right now, I’m thinking of having it printed in book format (like a paperback) and having a few family members read it to see what they think. Jimmy literally had no idea what the book was about until a few days ago. I was always so shy about it 🙈

It’s funny, I think of the book idea and plot now and it feels like a lifetime ago. I literally feel like a different person wrote that book, if that makes sense? I am pretty different than I was in 2016–or at least my life is. I don’t know if I will pursue publishing it. I’ll have to read it from start to finish and see what I think 😆

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Have you ever taken on a big project that took longer than you anticipated?

Currently: October 2020

Welcome to October! I’m not sure how it’s fall and the tenth month of 2020, but here we are. Also, want to hear something crazy? This month marks ten years of blogging for me. 

Carnegie Library

Here’s a look at what’s currently going on in my life this month! 

Current book Still working my way through Midnight Sun and Sadie has been enjoying the Gerda Muller Seasons Collection that my blogging friend Grace gave her for her birthday! Thank you, Grace 🙂

Current excitement Celebrating Sadie’s birthday with our families. We’re having a little get-together with immediate family tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it!

Current joy The everyday moments of life. Going to the library with Sadie, taking Niva on a walk, snuggling with Malcolm on the couch, sitting next to Jimmy at church. Such blessings!

Toddler at Carnegie Library

Current indulgence Taking a nap while Sadie is napping. It doesn’t happen often, maybe once a week, but it’s always refreshing to get in a power nap every once in a while 🙂

Current food Butternut squash soup. I’ve been using this recipe for years and love how simple it is.

Current feelings Sad our garden is on its last leg but excited for this season and the upcoming holidays. 

Current cuteness Niva sleeping in our backyard. The weather has been cooling off here in Pittsburgh and she is loving it. 

Siberian husky sleeping in yard

Current baked good I’m really wanting to pick up some molasses so I can bake these or just some good ‘ol ginger snaps. 

Current beauty product This leave-in conditioner has been making my hair so soft. 

Current drink I usually buy Sadie Juicy Juice in the fruit punch flavor at the store and always steal some from her because it’s so good. Also loving this coffee, as always. 

Current laugh I was at the grocery store the other day while Sadie was napping and checked on her via our baby monitor and found this adorable scene. 

Dad sitting in baby's crib

Current craving A trip with Jimmy. We haven’t gone on a trip just the two of us since before Sadie was born and I’ve been dreaming of a little one-night getaway!

Current goal As always, going through our belongings and donating what we no longer use and then organizing what is left over. 

Current confession I’ve been looking at Christmas decorations. I may or may not have picked up a few holiday-esque things at Dollar Tree the other day. Are you a “it’s too early to think of Christmas” person or a “yay! Christmas!” person?

Current blessing This may sound weird, but the joy of passion. Just being creative and having ideas and doing things is such a blessing, you know?

Tell me something current in your life!