Currently: May 2023

I feel like May came up so quickly! This month will be a busy one for us with lots of birthdays, celebrations, and gatherings.

Black and white Siberian Husky sitting in grass

Here’s what’s current in my life this month. As always, I want to hear what’s going on for you in the comments section!

Current books His Needs, Her Needs  and Loving God with All Your Mind.

Current cuteness My mom and dad like to go on runs together and I asked if they talk or listen to music and my mom told me they use her AirPods and each wear an ear bud. I thought that was the cutest!

Current fun The kids and I met my parents at the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo on Friday and had a blast checking out all the vendors. While I didn’t participate in the race, it was fun to feel all the runner’s excitement in the air at the expo.

Girl holding kids at Pittsburgh Marathon Expo

Current laugh I had a pile of laundry that I needed to fold sitting on our bed and Sadie walked past and said “You need to clean your room!” 😂

Current blessing The weekly Bible studies we’ve been having at our house on Friday nights. It’s so much fun to spend time with church family in a relaxed setting and share a meal together.

Current kid products I taught Sadie how to play Go Fish with this card set and the little stinker beat me! We set up this bouncer for Mordecai and he enjoys all the little toys on it.

Mom and daughter playing Go Fish black and white picture

Current drink As always, coffee! We’ve been drinking this each morning and it’s very smooth.

Current beauty product This leave-in product has been great for my hair after showers. I just spray some on damp hair. comb it, and let my hair air dry.

Current baked good All the cupcakes lately! I made cinnamon churro cupcakes for Cinco de Mayo and vanilla cupcakes with strawberry buttercream just for fun. I also decided to offer Mother’s Day cupcakes locally through my baking business 😊

Churro cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes with strawberry buttercream

Current obsession Trying new foods with Mordecai! Since we started giving him pureed baby food, it has been so much fun to see what he thinks of different fruits, vegetables, and even meats.

Current food Homemade honey cinnamon peanut butter. I just put peanuts and cinnamon in a food processor, blend for a few minutes, add a bit of honey and enjoy fresh peanut butter for a week or so!

Current joy This season. It’s so nice to get outside and see the sun.

Girl walking husky with baby in baby carrier

Current craving A full night of sleep!

Current goal Getting my life together! Choosing birthday gifts, planning meals for our weekly Bible study, homeschooling, and keeping up with work and house work has been keeping me busy.

Current excitement We’re going to the Outer Banks next month. I’m looking forward to lots of family time near the ocean.

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What’s current in your life?



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