Currently: May 2022

It’s Maaaaaaay! That usually means garden planting, plenty of birthdays (Jimmy, my brother-in-law, and two of my nieces!) in our family, and hopefully lots of warmth, dinners outside, and sunshine galore.

Toddler girl playing outside with pet carrier

Here’s what’s current in my life this month! Feel free to join in and share what’s current for you in the comments 😊

Current books I just ordered two books! One midwifery memoir and one written by a blogger.

Current food I’m having a moment with egg sandwiches lately. Two runny eggs and bacon on pumpernickel bread with a bowl of soup has been my favorite lunch for the past few weeks!

Current drink Chocolate almond milk. Totally bought it for Sadie and I definitely drink more of it than her 😂

Current fun Playing games with Sadie. She’s at an age where we can introduce her to some of our childhood favorites like this, this, and this! Did you have any favorite games as a child? I remember really loving Twister and Battleship.

Dad and child playing Don't Spill the Beans game

Current beauty product My mom got me hooked on this serum. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on my face and noticed a difference in the brightness of my skin right away!

Current baked good I recently made these muffins and they’re fantastic.

Current excitement We’re going to the Outer Banks this month! Jimmy, Sadie, and I will be flying to Virginia to meet my parents and then driving with them to their beach house. My brother’s family is going to come, too!

Current laugh Jimmy tucked Niva and I under a blanket one morning this week and took a picture 😆

Husky and girl snuggling under blanket

Current joy Spring! Seeing flowers bloom, enjoying more sunlight, and family walks in the evening = the best.

Current goal Going through the items in the room that will be the new baby’s nursery. It’s currently our closet and my office, so we need to figure out where we will put our clothes (our bedroom closet is minuscule, lol) and my desk so we can plan out a nursery for baby #2!

Current craving A nap! Pregnancy + caring for a 3.5-year-old has me craving a mid-day nap 😴

Current cuteness Sadie wearing Jimmy’s hat 😍

Toddler wearing Carhartt hat

Current blessing The Friday night Bible studies we’ve been having at our house each week. Also, awesome neighbors who watch Sadie while we try and clean our house up before having people over for said Bible studies 😉

Current need Sandals. I have a pair of Dollar Tree flip flops that are on their last leg. Do you have any favorite brands of sandals?

Current obsession Reading. Always. My sister gave me her Kindle and it’s so nice to bring it anywhere and everywhere and have a bunch of books on hand. The Kindle app is great, too! Jimmy thinks I’m wacko for taking my phone in the shower to read on the Kindle app, but I see it as multitasking 🤣

Currently looking forward to My cousin’s baby shower next month. She’s due with a baby boy (just like my sis!) in August and I’ll be heading up to New York for the shower next month with my mom and Sadie. I’m pumped to see family and attend the baby shower 🥰

A look back:

What’s current in your life this month?



  1. Sadie is looking so grown up! I hope you’ve been able to get a lot of naps. 🙂 I got a couple of pair of Target sandals and have actually been impressed with the quality for the price.

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