Our Time in the Outer Banks So Far

Our week in the Outer Banks is going well! We were all set to fly home on Friday, but our flight was cancelled due to weather sooo we have to stay a little longer. While we miss Jimmy (a whole bunch!), I’m not complaining about an extra day near the ocean with family 🥰

Mom and toddler daughter selfie at arcade in OBX Bowling Alley

We’ve definitely been keeping busy. The main point of this trip is for my parents to work on their house down here before the rental season begins in the spring.

My dad has been working on power washing, touching up paint, and other handyman-type projects. My mom and I have been going through each room and seeing what needs to be replaced (things like shower curtain liners, oven mitts, comforters, etc.) due to use from the past rental season.

And Sadie? Well, she’s just along for the ride and loving every minute of it! While we’ve been doing some work, we’re definitely still squeezing in a bit of fun for Sader Tot.

Toddler girl in arcade

I was super excited to take her bowling on Tuesday night (Jimmy and I loved it last time we went), but when we arrived, we realized it was the local league night and all the lanes were filled.

We hung out in the arcade instead and actually won a prize in the claw machine. I feel like that’s usually impossible but we did it together and won on the first try. Definitely a special moment together! She was so happy to just look at all the games and didn’t complain about not being able to bowl.

Her attitude had me thinking of contentment. I said a quick prayer to be as content as her that evening ❤️

Toddler at Dowdy Park in Kill Devil Hills

My mom and I took Sadie to our favorite Outer Banks park, Dowdy Park, for an afternoon and she had a blast climbing, running, swinging all over the place.

I also had her take a picture in the heart so I could compare it to the last couple of times I’ve done that 🥺

Collage of toddler in same place for three years in a row

Couch naps have been happening. She has to be t-i-r-e-d to fall asleep on the couch amidst all the action!

Toddler napping on the couch

We’ve also had some delicious seafood from Black Pelican and Outer Banks Brewing Station (my favorite spot for soft pretzels!) the past two evenings. Do you like seafood? I’d eat it every day if I could 😬

I took Sadie swimming at the local YMCA last night and we had a ball splashing around for a bit.

Mom and daughter swimming in indoor pool at Outer Banks YMCA

So, that’s our week so far! Travel plan changes, work, arcade time, visiting the park, and swimming! I have a bunch more pictures and thoughts, but I’m trying to pace myself and not make super long posts 😆

What are you up to this week?


  1. It’s so great you all can squeeze some fun in to what is essentially a work trip. That’s awesome! I bet Sadie had the best time!

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