Ocean Air, Pier Arcade, and Crafting

Having extra time to blog this week while being away from home has been so lovely! It almost brings me back to my college years when I could blog almost daily.

We’ve been squeezing in all sorts of fun during our last couple of days here in the Outer Banks.

Toddler girl doing Made By Me Heart Shaped Box by Melissa and Doug

Yesterday was chilly, so us girls worked on picking up a few decor pieces for the rental house. We won’t talk about how Sadie fell asleep and I was carrying her around a store and accidentally knocked over a whole display of earrings with her foot when I walked past it. Nope. We won’t discuss that embarrassment 😅

We visited a children’s thrift store and I found a craft kit (pictured above) for Sadie to paint and that was a fun little evening project!

Today has been glorious. It’s my dad’s birthday (!!) and the weather has been wonderful–sunny and the temperature is in the upper 60s. We made sure to walk down to the beach, play, and soak up the wonderful fresh ocean air.

Grandpa and granddaughter playing on beach in Kill Devil Hills, NC in the Outer Banks

We walked down to the Avalon Fishing Pier with the sole intent of playing in the arcade! It’s something I did as a child (and 21-year-old…lol) and it was so sweet to introduce Sadie to this tradition.

We played skee-ball, a basketball game, etc. to win tickets to exchange for little prizes and also managed to win some dinosaurs in a claw machine-type game. Her excitement over winning two dinosaurs at the same time was absolutely adorable!

Toddler girl at Avalon Fishing Pier arcade in Kill Devil Hills, NC

We sat on the fishing pier’s deck and looked out at the ocean for a bit (and played with Sader Tot’s prizes!) before walking back home. It was a great outing 😊

Mom and daughter on Avalon fishing pier in the Outer Banks, NCToddler girl walking on beach in Outer Banks, NC

Ready or not, we will have to get back to reality here soon. Sooo not ready! I am ready to see Jimmy again, though! I can’t wait to share what he’s been up to this week 😬

Praying for safe travels back to Pittsburgh aaaaand for me to get back into gear with life when we get home 🤣

What are you up to this weekend?



  1. I don’t want this week to end- that’s for sure!! I’m so grateful and thankful that you and Sadie were able to join dad and I for his ‘birthday week’ 🤣. The weather, food, fun and shopping was non-stop enjoyable and entertaining to say the least.
    Thank you for coming along, and for being such an amazing mom, daughter, and best friend (and for understanding all of my insecurities and introvert issues).
    I love you with all my heart♥️
    Can’t wait to come back 🌊 🐠 🍤 🦀 🐚 ☀️ 🏊🏼‍♀️

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