Snapshots From The Outer Banks

Jimmy, Sadie, my mom, dad, and I (plus Mavis and my parents pup, Brandy) all took a road trip to the Outer Banks, NC in mid-April and it was lovely!

My parents purchased a beach house almost a year ago and Jimmy and I were so excited to finally stay in it!

The 8.5 hour drive wasn’t nearly as tough as I expected it to be with a six-month-old thanks to toys, books, and mom singing plenty of made up songs to Sadie 😉

Sadie enjoyed looking at the ocean but wasn’t a fan of having her toes dipped in the water since it was so cold. Mavis was totally afraid of the waves but enjoyed walking on the sand!

We had great weather–highs in the 70s, with sunshine–most days, and enjoyed our time together. Jimmy and I were able to go on two dates (bowling and dinner out!) and so appreciated my parents watching Sadie for us!

How about some pictures?!

I’m realizing this post is getting long and is picture heavy, so part II will be soon to follow with more details!

We Love the Outer Banks

Jimmy and I were blessed to be able to go on vacation to the Outer Banks this year. We had such a lovely time exploring and relaxing together last week!

Outer Banks Outer Banks Cottage Before Church 29089344521_e991a82e7b_z Sunset Bodie Island Lighthouse Bodie Island Jimmy on beach Watercolormini golfjeanette pier

During the first half of the week we relaxed on the beach, went to Son Rise Church of Christ, visited the Bodie Island Lighthouse, played mini golf, and walked on Jeanette’s Pier!