Fourth Annual Christmas Cookie Baking Day

What started as a new tradition for my mom and I in 2015 has now become such a special holiday event for our family!

The past three years, my mom and I have baked cookies together to give to our neighbors for Christmas. This year, my daughter (<–it still feels so weird/amazing saying that!) and sister joined in on the fun!

Sisters with baby daughterMother and daughters

My sister, Sadie, and I slept over my parents’ house on Friday night last week and spent Saturday baking, laughing, snuggling Sadie, and listening to Christmas music. Oh, and thinking about how next year, Hannah’s son or daughter can join in on the fun!

Here’s what we baked this year:
-Cornflake Wreaths
-Pretzel Hugs
-Sugar Cookies
-Chocolate Crinkles
-Cranberry Bars
-Peanut Butter Blossoms
-Jam Thumbprints
-Turtle Thumbprints

Cornflake wreathsChristmas snowflake and peppermint sugar cookies decorated

While us girls were baking, Jimmy and Hannah’s husband, Josh, went hunting. It was Jimmy’s first time hunting and said he loved it! He saw a doe and already can’t wait to hunt with Josh again soon.

Aunt Hannah and Grandma Lisa took great care of Sadie. It was really nice to have extra hands to help out with my little chicka. Sadie thoroughly enjoyed all the attention and snuggles.

Baby on girls lapChristmas cookie baking

We stopped baking mid-day to run out and grab a few cookie tins (and coffee!) and got right back to work, rolling dough, decorating, and baking until dinnertime.

The boys showed up with pizza and we all enjoyed our evening together, packaged up our creations, and headed home all sorts of tired and happy from such a fun day.

The treats that were the biggest hits this year (we haaaad to test everything, you know 😉 ) were the pretzel hugs, cornflake wreaths, and gingersnaps!

Christmas cookies in a tin

After church on Sunday, Jimmy, Sadie, and I bundled up and gave the cookie tins to our neighbors. It was so fun bringing Sadie with us this year and our neighbors enjoyed seeing her in her Sunday best!

I just love this tradition. From spending the day baking with family, to giving to our neighbors, it’s a special day I really look forward to each holiday season.

I even filmed a video (not quite a vlog, it just has music and no talking for once, lol) of the day to remember it and I’ve already re-watched it a few times to relive the day again.

And for old times sake, here’s links to the past few years of Christmas cookie baking:
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What’s your favorite Christmas cookie?


Fifth Iron Infusion + A Girls’ Day

Hi! Just popping in here to share a little health update and a vlog.

I had a hematologist appointment right before Thanksgiving to check my hemoglobin levels post-pregnancy. The doctor prescribed four more iron infusions because I’m nursing Sadie and he doesn’t want either of us to become anemic as she continues to deplete my iron stores.

So, I had my fifth iron infusion on Tuesday.

IV iron infusion

I had a lot of fears about iron infusions during pregnancy, and I thought those fears would stop once Sadie arrived, but they kind of transferred over to worrying about her not wanting to nurse, the safety of iron infusions while nursing, and any possible side effects for Sadie.

In the days leading up to the infusion I kind of gave myself a pep talk about how the hematologist wouldn’t recommend the infusions if they weren’t necessary–he went to medical school for years and I needed to trust his judgement. I also told myself that I was doing this for Sadie and I to be healthy. It would break my heart if she became anemic. I know how that feels and it’s not fun, lol.

I reminded myself how blessed I am to receive great medical care and how I never want to take that for granted. Lastly, God protected Sadie and I during the four infusions we had during pregnancy, why wouldn’t He now?

IV Iron infusion for iron deficiency anemia

I just wanted to keep it real here on the blog. I don’t love iron infusions and I seem to have new fears with each one, but God is teaching me to trust Him and be thankful. There isn’t a situation that He isn’t in control of, and everything has a purpose. When I look at things that way it makes it a bit easier.

I’m happy to report that everything went well at the infusion! The port insertion was almost painless, the infusion went by in a flash, and Sadie didn’t have any side effects! She also had fun smiling at the nurses, which was adorable since they “knew” her when she was in my belly. It’s way more fun with her on the outside 🙂

I had my usual side effect from the infusion, which is exhaustion for a few days after. It’s Saturday as I type up this post and I’m feeling a lot better, thankfully! Three more infusions to go, and then we’ll check my hemaglobin again in a few months and go from there.

I’m so thankful my mom was able to come out and spend the day with us to help me with Sadie at the hospital. I don’t know how I would have done it without her! We decided to make it a girls’ day and even filmed a vlog.