Snapshots of Life Lately

Okay, snapshots of life lately are going to look a little different than the last snapshots post! We have a new family member and I haven’t left the house much so there’s a lot of cuddling going on around here šŸ˜¬

Dad holding newborn with cat on his lap

A prime example of mornings over here! Coffee and snuggles in bed have been the best. I think this needs to extend beyond the newborn phase because it’s so cozy. (more…)

Pregnancy Diary November 5th: The Final Days

November 5th, 2022

It’s the final countdown! As I’m typing this post, I’m just days out from my due date. Eek! Baby boy could come at any point: now… or as late as two weeks from now. What a mental trip.

39 weeks pregnant (more…)